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NOTE: these are OLD reports and are probably out of date.

o Faywood Hot Springs Report. August 2003. My wife and I just visited Faywood 8/16/03 and had a wonderful time. Very easy to get to on mostly paved roads only 20 minutes off I 10. The grounds have many trees with a lot of brush providing cover for the wildlife. We stayed in one of the new cabins the owners are putting up. On checking in I thought that the price of 80.00 for the two of us was a bit steep until I saw the room. Small but very snug with everything that we needed for the stay but food. Coffee and pot, microwave, refrigerator, plates cups and glasses. It even had a loft for extra sleeping area. The porch was semi private with bushes between each of the cabins. With all that was included with the price (unlimited soaking and an hour in private tubs) it was more than worth the cost. The pools were well done with the temperature adjusted regularly. Some locals told me that most of the work around the pools and other amenities had all been done in the last 4-5 years. We both enjoyed the visit and my only complaint was that nudity was only allowed at the clothing optional areas around the pools and not on all or part of the grounds. Thanks Mountain Man and his wife for the report!
o Sierra Grande Lodge Report. May 2005. WOW! Nude soaking both indoors and out (only in the soaking pools and immediately adjacent small deck), gourmet dining, plush soaking and sleeping rooms and more are offered by the all new and expanding Sierra Grande in Truth or Consequences, Land Of Enchantment. For many years, this place stood in ruins; now it's all brand new and even expanding more to meet demand. Originally built c. 1928, Sierra Grande sits above an enormous supply of natural hot mineral water ranging from 101 to 108 degrees. Handicap access. Massage and spa treatments. Elevation 4,200 feet. Geronimo and many other Apaches soaked in these very waters. Sierra Grande Lodge, 501 Macadoo, T or C, New Mexico 87901. Phone: 505-894-6976. Website: Have a great soak! [No part of this post may be reprinted or republished for commercial use without express permission of El Dorado Hot Springs. For personal and club use only. Copyright 2005 Camilla Van Sickle & Bill Pennington. Marca Registrata NUDISK]
o Sundial Hot Spring. 2004. With scenery to die for and a hostess who's the nearest being to a living human goddess we've met, Sundial is where it's at. Sundial offers tent camping and huge pull through 20 - 50 amp full hookup RV sites, by advance appointment only... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o Truth Or Consequences. 2004. There are up to a dozen hot mineral bath establishments in Truth Or Consequences, formerly Hot Springs, New Mexico; some still call it that. One of them, Sierra Grande on Macadoo Street looks like it used to resemble the Taj Mahal; it's been rebuilt and nude soaking is the norm there. Of the others, we can't say one wouldn't want to visit several of them and we can't say which ones one might enjoy, except a couple we visited ourselves. They range from well used, to junque yard dog, to bad vibe city, to recycle depots to.... But, as we always say, DO NOT take our word for it. Go find out yourself. At 4,300 feet above sea level, Truth Or Consequences has more RV parks per BLOCK of any place we've ever seen, so you might like it there; great Mexican restaurants are also in long supply... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)

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