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North Texas - Lake Texoma


For those coming or traveling through North Texas. Lake Texoma is on the Oklahoma/Texas line. One of the largest lakes in the United States. North of Dallas on highway 75 is called "the Dallas Side", meaning lots of people with big boats whom only extend their materialistic lifestyle from the suburbs to the lake..but, if you look at a map, you can go North of Whitesboro, between Gainesville and Sherman, will find the more relaxed and real life of the west end of Lake Texoma..the Oklahoma side has the sand beaches...go west of the "Willis Bridge" north of Whitesboro onto the Oklahoma Side and drive west anywhere five to six miles and down to Lake Texoma..find a will come by, but seldom.. you can see them and others from a long distance.

If you are military or retired military, try Sheppard Air Force Base Annex..get a boat (rental is cheap!!)..take off go to Oklahoma can boat over 10 miles..any beach..have been going there for twenty years..

Jerry (In Texas there is no law against topless)

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