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This report is brought to you by Jeff and Amanda.

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Summer of 1999.

We had planned a great vacation for years and at last the opportunity became available. We have been interested in Civil War history for years and had been reenactors, written magazine articles about the Civil War and been members of several historical associations. Amanda is a high school teacher and needed real examples to put more life into history lessons.

We needed to replace one of our cars as it was several years old and we didn't want to drive from coast to coast or have to rent a car. We bought a car through the Internet and were met at Dulles International Airport by the salesman and were on our way.

We had researched the Internet looking for AANR and TNS affiliated nudist resorts and collected information and brochures on them, and arranged for reservations by email. We wanted to be near to the sites we wanted to visit so we could avoid unnecessary driving. We were glad to have made plans to stay in nudist resorts for several reasons. When traveling we don't want to worry about parking our car in front of motels with our valuables. We knew we would be secure in a nudist resort and never even bothered locking our car. In fact we met a gentleman at one resort who left his watch in a restroom of a nudist resort and found it two days later where another guest had put it on a hook for safe keeping. We had made reservations which is always recommended, not just to ensure lodging, but some nudist resorts require prearrangement so guests can be screened. We had prepared for introductions by making copies of our local club membership cards, AANR, and WSA identification. One of the clubs we stayed in was skeptical because we didn't bring the originals, but it was not a major problem and we were admitted.

We stayed for a week in eastern Virginia so we could visit battlefields and museums in that part of the state, and a week in West Virginia so we could visit the Shenandoah Valley, Gettysburg, Harpers Ferry, and Antietam.

We were guests at White Tail Park in Ivor, Virginia. That part of the state is magnificent. and reminded us of Hawaii. The staff and the members of White Tail Park are excellent and the lodging included a microwave oven, refrigerator, and coffee maker. The facility is spacious and they have two pools, one for general recreation and the other called "the sport pool" which was used for water volleyball and other activities. There is a "Kids Corner" which is a playground with every imaginable playground toy located in front of the office. There are many families with young children among the membership of White Tail Park. The average age of the members is younger than we are used to in most of the resorts we are familiar with. The resort is expanding and there was a 12,000 square foot building under construction that will include a restaurant, a large room where activities such as dances could be held, a recreation room for pool tables and other activities, a library, and other amenities. It is great to see that nude recreation is growing in popularity. The park is approximately 40 acres which includes a beautiful nature trail, a camp ground, and an area in the forest for permanent recreation vehicle sites.

Our visit included the Fourth of July celebration. There were over a thousand people attending the three day holiday with enough room for everyone. There was plenty to do including a parade, sports activities, and many people watching the large screen TV in the recreation hall. We socialized at the pool and the people were very friendly. They had a fantastic dance under a huge outdoor pavilion. One of the things that impressed us is that everyone was nude, no wraps and no "tee shirt nudists".

During the week we stayed at White Tail Park we visited the major battlefields in the Richmond/Petersburg area as well as the Virginia peninsula where Jamestown, Yorktown, and colonial Williamsburg are located. There are many sights and attractions around White Tail Park including plantations and many fine restaurants. Southern hospitality is not a myth.

After leaving White Tail Park and thanking the friends we met and the owners for the wonderful time we experienced, it was time to move to Avalon near Paw Paw, West Virginia. Avalon is located in the Appalachian mountains and is in a beautiful setting in the forest. The area is famous for growing apples. We were lucky enough to be there during Nude Recreation Week. The size of the park is huge and contains many natural amenities. We used our cell phone to call the office for directions in finding it. Once we arrived we were shown to our lodging. We had rented a condominium that was an excellent accommodation. In addition to condos owned by members, there are also housing sites in the forest where people design and build large mountain homes on sites that are private from each other and located with a separate entrance from the resort so that textile guests can enter.

There is a first class hotel and formal restaurant and beautiful amenities including an outdoor amphitheater where a concert was held during our stay. The owners are expanding the resort which will include a new recreation hall, indoor pool, and many other improvements. Avalon features its own lake for fishing as well as being a beautiful water feature. The extensive hiking trails are picturesque and wind around the hardwood forest where deer can be seen as well as song birds and other wildlife. The trails connect the various amenities and features. The camping facilities are located in a forest setting and offer the best for all interests. There are people who enjoy the nudist experience in solitude and set up their dome tents out in the woods, others are more social and gravitate toward groups. The swimming pool is large enough for all members and guests to enjoy their stay and make friends. Avalon and its members are wonderful, attracting people from several surrounding states as well as the Washington D. C. area. There is a distinct southern charm among the guests and members. We were close enough to visit Gettysburg, Antietam, Harpers Ferry, Leesburg, and the attractions and beauty of the Winchester area, the Potomac river and lower Shenendoah Valley. Sadly it became time to leave Avalon and we bid farewell to their beautiful setting and hospitality.

We traveled up the Shenandoah Valley with stops at various battlefields and sites such as Cloyd's Mountain, New Market, and Lexington. We took some side trips other than Civil War locations and went to Dollywood in the Great Smokey Mountains in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. We went to Georgia to visit the Chickamauga battlefield, Lookout Mountain, and Missionary Ridge. We also went to Calhoun Georgia to visit New Echota, the former capitol of the Cherokee Nation, and learned much about the advanced Native American civilization before the Indians were removed in 1839 by the "Trail of Tears".

We began our retrograde movement toward middle Tennessee and stayed at Rock Haven Resort in Murfreesboro. From there we ventured out to Ft. Rosecrans, the Sam Davis House, Stone's River battlefield, the Franklin battlefield and surrounding features and historical sites, and Nashville. Rock Haven is a very pleasant resort with several cabins well decorated and with all of the amenities of a small vacation home. They also have an excellent system of hiking trails, spa, pool, recreation room, and many very pleasant staff and members who were very cordial to us and helped make our visit be as nice as possible. One of the things about a nudist vacation is that you are always among friendly people. If you were traveling in any other environment and tried to approach a fellow vacationer to be friendly you would quickly become suspected of something. We much preferred the natural nudist lifestyle and the pleasant folks we met along the way.

Our vacation took us to Nashville, and along the Natchez Trace Parkway to the Shiloh battlefield, and into Mississippi to Corinth, Tupelo, Holly Springs, Bryce's Crossroads, and other places. There are no nudist resorts in the state of Mississippi. We then ventured to Memphis and visited Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley, then across the Mississippi River to Arkansas. We proceeded into Missouri to the Pea Ridge battlefield, and then to Oklahoma to see the Cabin Creek battlefield where the Cherokee Confederates defeated the Federal army and captured a supply train full of valuable military supplies.

We vacationed as typical tourists through Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico until we arrived at Shangri La nudist resort north of Phoenix, Arizona. It was very refreshing to again be guests of a nudist resort as we were relaxed and comfortable among friendly people. We had experienced many unfortunate experiences at commercial hotels in various states with abrupt and unfriendly staff. The opposite was always true at nudist facilities as we felt very much like an exclusive elite group, always welcome and made to feel at home.

The Shangri La resort is owned by a three generation family of very nice people who keep a clean and well maintained resort. The lodging is a house with a common kitchen and living room, with private bedrooms and shared bathrooms. Our "housemates" were a couple who were also traveling and were very friendly and had interesting backgrounds. In all nudist environments we have met fascinating people from all walks of life. We were fortunate enough to meet another couple who we had much in common with and enjoyed their company. We have continued our correspondence with them by email and they met us at Glen Eden later in the year.

We consider ourselves to be very fortunate to have become nudists several years ago and we thoroughly appreciate the life style and security we feel while enjoying ourselves. When compared to any other environment or activity we don't experience loud or obnoxious people with barking dogs, obtrusive behavior, excessive alcohol consumption, noisy vehicles, or unfriendly people. We consider it to be a special privilege to be free without clothing and among our nudist friends. I quote from a gentleman whom we met on our travels when he said, "because it feels good".

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