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NOTE: these are OLD reports and are probably out of date.

o Bog Hot Spring Report. 2005. Directions: From Denio Junction, take SR 140 west for 9.1 miles. Turn right (north) on gravel and go 4 miles. on the west (left) side is a large, marshy pond. One quarter mile after the pond, go left; the hot stream and camping areas are a couple of hundred yards farther. Report: Northwest of the Black Rock Desert, home to Burning man, his is one of our all time favorites located in the remote corner of Nevada, right near the California and Oregon borders, and far enough from population areas that yahoos are seldom a problem, especially in winter. A tremendous flow of perfect mineral water, probably more than 1,000 gallons a minute, goes down a 20 foot wide sandy bottomed channel with temperatures ranging from scalding to perfect on down. See p. 13 of HOT SPRINGS & HOT POOLS OF THE SOUTHWEST, lower right, for a shot of one of the best soaking pools. Elevation is 4,300 feet, meaning there is real winter and there can be lots of snow. Last time we were there, we were caught in a blinding blizzard heading over to Surprise Valley, California, all on dirt roads, and thanked Goddess for the experience we had for driving in snow after 44 years in Vermont and Massachusetts. It can be insufferably hot in summer there, but nighttime soaking is usually pleasant. In winter, soaking is great any time. At night, the steam from the hot water forms hoar frost on the plants and the moon glimmering off them is a wonderful Mother Nature made sight to behold. Free nude soaking and free nude camping. Leave no trace, please. All services are available 13.5 miles away in Denio Junction, a neat little settlement with a cafe adorned with photos of land speed records on the Black Rock Desert. Enjoy! [No part of this post may be reprinted or republished for commercial use without express permission of El Dorado Hot Springs. For personal and club use only. Copyright 2005 Camilla Van Sickle & Bill Pennington. Marca Registrata NUDISK]
o Burning Man 2002 Report. August 2002. Burning Man is a forum for radical self expression and art held every year in the Nevada desert ( This year there were 29,000 or so participants, at the time the 5th largest city in Nevada (called Black Rock City). It is not explicitly a nudist event, but it is clothing optional all over. Only about 1 or 2 percent of the participants spend most of their time nude, but there is little traditional modesty - showers are sunshowers outside, many events request that participants wear no clothes. Masseurs give non-sexual nude massages out in the open shade. There is a lot of body painting, and nude events like twister and tai-chi. Topfreeness is rampant - one major event is a bike parade of thousands of topfree women riding bikes throughout the playa (the name of the camp site, a preshistoric lake). People support each other in the harsh environment - one art project was to document the adventures of the man who entered Black Rock City nude, without resources, and was immediately taken care of by the residents - given food, sunscreen, shelter, water, clothes if he wanted them. It is an atmosphere of individuality and caring, a week a year the way the world should be. Thanks Mickey for the report. If you wish to contact Mickey, click HERE. Make sure you mention the report you are referring to in the body of the email and that you want the email forwarded to Mickey.
o Common Ground Bed and Breakfast. December 2003. Next time you visit Las Vegas, be sure and stop by Common Ground BB. Relatively new resort in the area. Located on the south east side of Las Vegas. Very clean grounds and friendly owners and patrons. There is a nice pool area, hot tub, and nice sunning area. During the warmer weather there are activities at night. Fees are reasonable and they are open to anyone, including singles. Give it a try. This report is brought to you by linedancer. He is in the main chatroom under that name.
o Fernley Hot Springs. 2004. This one is a diamond in the rough. It's not much of a soak, but offers free nude camping and it's quiet, except for the trains, which we consider to be wistfully romantic, even in the middle of the night. It's possible to be trapped in there by a parked train too, though they generally move after a couple of hours. Some people call it Hard Dunes Hot Springs because the sand dunes there are firm enough to drive up, even with 2wd... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o Goldstrike Hot Spring and Sauna Cave Report. Fall 2003. Goldstrike Hot Spring is a series of natural hot springs located in primitive Goldstrike Canyon near Hoover Dam, less than 40 miles from the famous Las Vegas Strip. It's accessible by hiking either down the canyon from a wash just off of Highway 93, or hiking up the canyon from the lower Colorado River, if you have a boat or jet ski. Note: the author is included in several photos in this report to provide scale; I would have varied the human content if I had permission from others. The source of the springs begins to surface from the ground about 2 miles down from the trailhead. Water seeping from more springs further down the canyon joins to form a small creek that flows about a half-mile or so into the Colorado River, where Goldstrike Canyon joins Black Canyon... (click link to read the rest of the report.)
o Lake Mohave Report. Summer 2003. I live in north Azizona and I'm a member of T.N.S. When I moved here from California in 93, I thought there would be other like-minded people in Arizona, they are all in Phoenix. For the last 6 years I been keeping a cove clean on Lake Mohave, number 11 on the map of the National Recreation Area for Lake Mead. In July 03 I got a kayak after reading of kayaking on Mono lake. In September I did not make the Mono trip but I go to Laughlin, Nevada on Sunday and Wednesday all year long. In the cove i can be nude and now with the kayak I can go out on the Lake nude in the kayak and find other coves. At 64 years, I did 8 miles in the kayak. Come to Laughlin, Nevada and Lake Mohave and cove 11 on the Nevada side of the Lake on Sunday and Wednesday and be nude. Thanks Warren for the report!
o Lake Tahoe Clothing Optional Beaches Report. Summer 2005. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are land-locked. Thatís certainly true with the clothing optional (C/O) beaches on the eastern shore of Lake Tahoe. In August í05, we visited 6 of the 7 C/O beaches listed in the San Francisco Bay Guardianís 2005 guide on a Monday and a Wednesday. All are located along Highway 28 on the east (Nevada) side of the lake, and within an hourís drive from Reno Intíl Airport. On a Sunday evening, I met up with a Reno resident I had met hiking at Arizona Hot Springs a few years ago. The following morning, we picked up LV Bare Hiker at the airport and met a 4th hiker at the trailhead, who gained interest in joining us from a message board invite Iíd posted. Beaches visited, in succession from north to south, were Chimney Beach, Secret Cove (sometimes called Paradise Cove), Boaterís Beach, Secret Creek Beach, Whale Beach, and Little Beach (also called South Whale Beach)... (click link to read the rest of the report.)
o Spencer Hot Springs Report. 2004. We love this one and so do lots of others. Free nude soaking and camping. Wild burros to serenade you to sleep at night with their braying; they provide wake up service in the morning too, no extra charge. Approaching Spencer from the west one time, we saw the stub of a tower on a mountain about 15 miles distant(snow capped in early June), so we checked the cell phone. Voila! Full signal! Out there on US 50, often referred to as The Loneliest Highway In The US, we stopped, downloaded our email and sent what was in queue. Neat!... (click link to read the rest of the report.)
o Walker Hot Spring. 2004. FOUR WHEEL DRIVE ONLY into the canyon; High clearance 2 wheel drive and hiking possible from the top of the canyon; it's well worth it. Free nude soaking and nude camping... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)

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