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Club Paradise and Lake Como, Florida

April, 2000.

My wife and I returned to Paradise Lakes Resort in Florida on 6 April 2000 for a week of sun, fun and warmth. We were not disappoined. The renovated Key West bar is quite an improvement with an additional new outside bar as well. The food in the restaurant was improved with more variety. The owner is getting ready to break ground on another additional condo section and the over-all improvements to the resort are quite visible and on-going. There is constant maintenance, which indicates that the new owner is willing to put money back into his investment.

We were disappointed however that the jewelry store had moved out. Why we do not know. Also on the down side, our room had no lamps, only overhead lights which makes reading in bed impossible. I brought this to the attention of several resort people and was assured it would be taken care of, but this was not the case.

We also spend three nights around the corner at Lake Como, and comparing the two is like comparing apples and oranges; it is very difficult to do. Both places have aspects which are unique, like Paradise's Conversational Pool and Como's famous Butt Hut. Our original observations of Paradise made six months ago still hold true (see Trip Report Paradise Lakes, Oct.1999.) Como is definately not as glitzy and glamorous but what struck us right away was the family atmosphere and orientation. There were many young couples with their small toddlers, pre-teens and teens and yes, even grandparents, all walking around with no clothes as if it were a very natural thing to do which, of course, it is for naturists, and this is, we believe, healthy. We concluded that this is the ideal way to practice naturism and later on, there will be minimum problems with children and grandchildren accepting this life style.

For those of us who stumble on this late in life, acceptance by our children, other relatives and close friends can be tenuous at best; we may even encounter complete repudiation.

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