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North Padre Island -- near Corpus Christi, Texas

Late august and early september of 1999.

This past Sunday we took the kids to Padre Island National Seashore for some nude beachcombing and surf frolicking.

Again, the weather was great. This was not more than 20 miles from where Hurricane Brett had come ashore, but we did not see any damage. To the contrary, the beach was cleaner than when we last visited in late June. All the dead seaweed was gone. Unlike Hippie Hollow, which gets heavily populated, this stretch of beach is fairly remote. We only saw a handful or so of other people. (On other trips we've seen maybe 20 people at most.) There was a runner in shorts & shirt who kind of slowed down passing us.

Then a couple walked past wearing jeans & t-shirts (way too over dressed for the day). They settled on a log 20 yards or so past us. Sometime after they walked past, I decided to go for a stroll (nude, of course). As I walked past, they kind of looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. By the time I returned, they were nude and running around in the surf obviously having a great time! While I was on my walk, I passed another couple. He was nude; she was top free. All in all, a splendid day followed by another nude drive home.

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