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South Padre Island nude beach in Texas.

August 2000.

My wife and I were looking for a nude beach location last month (August, 2000) in our home state of Texas. I found a few references online to a sanctioned nude beach north of the resort town of South Padre Island, TX. The reviews and articles were somewhat dated, so we were skeptical. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the reports were correct; there is a long stretch of beach about 15-20 miles north of the town of South Padre Island where nudity is tolerated.

In fact, there are informal signs on the beach in the form of large logs painted with the words "nude beach" marking the beginning of the nude part of the beach. We entered the beach area by taking Padre Drive north of the town to beach access road number six. After paying a $2 entry fee at the guard station, we drove onto the beach (in our 4WD SUV - highly recommended for this kind of beach driving) and continued north for about nine miles. We had read in a few req.nude reports that the nude area was marked by a log. We found not one, but two large logs marked with "nude beach." We jumped out, shucked our clothing, and took a self-timer picture of us standing by the log! There was absolutely nobody else in sight for at least a mile in either direction.

We continued on until we found a nice deserted stretch of beach about four miles farther north. We parked the car, set out the chairs, and spent the rest of a very pleasant day relaxing and swimming in the nude. We are not swingers, so we were perfectly content to spend the day together in almost total privacy. Occasionally, another car would drive by on the hard-packed sand near the water. Some vehicles were obviously fishermen looking for a spot, and a few were couples or single men looking for a spot to "hang out." The fishermen were really the only ones gawking as they drove by. On the way back to beach access road #6, we passed about five single male nudists and two nude sunbathing couples.

We returned on the second day, and the scene was pretty much the same, with the exception of a few more gawkers driving past. Nobody stopped or parked anywhere near us. We were glad to have our seclusion undisturbed. Unlike the first day, we didn't bother with covering up when cars drove by, and everything was fine. One other couple parked about a mile away to enjoy the beach.

All in all, we would certainly return to this beach. It is not as pristine or tropical as say, the Mexican Caribbean, and the sands aren't white like Florida or the Caribbean, but it is very accessible to Central and South Texans. We loved the whole experience!

NOTE: We noticed entirely too much trash on the sandy beach! Much of it, we believe, washed onshore from boats and oil rigs, but nonetheless, please don't add to the problem! Pick up your trash (and maybe some of someone else's) if you visit.

DIRECTIONS: Take Padre Drive (the main drag) north out of the town of South Padre Island. Continue north about six miles to Beach Access Road #6. Enter, pay and continue northward on the beach (take a 4WD) about 9.5 miles until you see the logs marked "nude beach." From that point, just keep driving until you see a suitable stretch of beach. We've heard tell that people wanting company will fly a yellow flag (we didn't see any). Practice your etiquette and give others their space if you don't see a yellow flag. Park, get naked, and have a great time! Watch our for the intense sun; we suggest a large beach umbrella be used liberally.

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