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NOTE: these are OLD reports and are probably out of date.

o Beechwood Lodge Report. September 2000. Beechwood Lodge, Ashfield, PA. Located in the lower section of Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains just past Lehighton, this recently updated resort offers much to any visitor. Breakfast and lunch are available "homestyle" each day in the office/clubhouse. The pool is heated to 82 F, along with both indoor and outdoor hot tubs. Tennis and volleyball courts are handy, and there is a small sundeck and large lawn on which to work on the tan. There is an old barn converted to a dance hall, a somewhat dark but cozy den to relax and watch TV, and plenty of trails that wind around and through the undulating property. The $25 day rate was a bit steep, but the friendly people and relaxing atmosphere made it worthwhile. It is open year around, a bit of a rarity in the Northeast. Thanks Irish for the report!
o Beechwood Lodge Report. 1999. Outside of Florida, you usually don't find two nudist resorts within five miles of each other. However, Beechwood Lodge is the second nudist resort located within the county limits of Carbon in Pennsylvania - one of the smallest counties in that state. The other is the flourishing Sunny Rest Lodge located in Palmerton, Carbon County, just five minutes from Beechwood.... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.) 1999.
o Broken Arrow Report. September 2005. Very, very friendly to singles. A beautiful place. (This report was sent in anonymously.)
o Penn Sylvan Health Society (P S H S) Report - Nudist Club Visits near Washington DC. Summer 2000. During the summer of 2000 our family visited four nudist locations within driving distance of Washington DC. While we had previously been to clothing optional beaches at Assateague and Sandy Hook, we had never attended a club or resort. We have two young children, the youngest of which can now handle overnight camping. The first two landed clubs were visited in the early summer and the last two in the late summer. Mid-summer was full of business travel and camping at textile locations. These are our thoughts about some of the things that are important to us. Also included in the report are: Pine Tree Associates and Avalon. (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o Penn Sylvan Health Society Report. September 2000. I had the chance to spend several hours at Penn Sylvan in Mohncton, PA and they do appear to have upgraded their facility. A beautiful indoor pool and indoor hot tub complement the outside facilities. The snack bar was closed, but it appeared to be a pleasant spot. The outdoor pool has a lovely deck for sunning, plenty of showers, and a number of benches on which to sit. In fact, there are numerous benches and picnic tables scattered about the large common area. Two volleyball/basketball courts and tennis courts looked freshly paved and painted. There was someone to meet me at the gate when I arrived, but the directions to get there are a bit confusing. Cell phone coverage is sparse, and I could only find one pay phone on the wall outside the clubhouse. The clubhouse looks a bit worn, but is large and has a common kitchen. The day rate of $22 for an AANR member seemed steep, but these places don't get much activity in the Fall and Winter months. A pleasant place to visit. Thanks Irish for the report!
o Penn Sylvan Health Society Report. 1999. The directions in the book are close but off when it says bear right by the church. The Y is down the road further. The turn is by the mailboxes but again there were a couple of roads that had mailboxes at the end of them. It was some guess work and we guessed right. It was a little spokey going down the road to the camp. Big signs that said POSTED or NO TRESPASSING lined the road before reaching a welcome sign. Once at the office nobody was there... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.) Note: July 2000 update from Penn Sylvan included in this report.) Thanks DCupstateny for the report!
o Sunnyrest Lodge Report. August 2000. This resort, located about 90 minutes from Philadelphia, is nestled in the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania. It is not an AANR affiliated club, thus no discount from the relatively hefty $30 day fee unless one belongs to another club. It sports a nice pool; two large sundecks; basketball, tennis and volleyball courts; clean rest facilities, a snack bar, rental units, and campsites. Because of its location, the terrain is rather hilly and since most of the streets are paved only with stones, walking is a bit difficult - impossible if you forget sneakers or other comfortable footwear. They also have a nightclub that is open only on weekends, but I did not experience that. Their literature says that they permit nudity and lingerie, unlike other clubs. This is a BYOB facility as the Pennsylvania legislators still have some backward notion about combining nude people with alcohol. Overall, the place is nice, but rather cold in the sense that the people I saw there were mostly from New York and really were not very friendly. Just an impression, perhaps I caught them on a bad day. Thanks Irish for the report!
o Sunny Rest Lodge Report. 1999. First of all, let me say that my boyfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed our stay last summer at Sunny Rest. It is, in many respects, the finest resort in the Northeast - or at least one of the finest. The rooms are first class, the people are friendly, the nightlife is electric. There are two outstanding tennis courts, as good as any in the country. There is a brand new fitness center that needs only a "real" stairmaster and rowing machine to be first class... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o Sunspot Report. Summer 2002. This a very friendly and comfortable place. As a single I was made to feel very welcome. Jack gave me a personal tour of the clubhouse and grounds (such a nice guy and his wife is such a sweetie). I had many pleasant conversations and made new friends. There is a large pool and shaded hot tub that beat my expectations. The only minus was that it is open weekends and holidays but not all the time. Maybe if they get more visitors the schedule may open up. Nice place for small groups, plenty of room to roam about freely. Thanks Tom for the report!
o Sunspot Family Nudist Park Report. Summer 2001. This past summer my wife and I visited Sunspot Nudist Park in Susquehanna Penna. at least three times and are planning to join next season. It is in the beautiful endless mountains area of north east Pennsylvania about 5 miles from Interstate 81 Great Bend exit. When you come to the gate at the end of a long dirt road you will be greeted by a rather large but very friendly Great Dane named 'Allie'. Don't worry, the owners home is just inside the gate and one of them will come over to let you in. Jack and Mary Beth are delightful people and will make sure you have a great time while visiting. The grounds are kept in top shape and the pool, hot tub and sauna are first rate. Jack keeps everything heated, including the pool and hot tub, with a wood burning heating system which he tends to with utmost care. He doesn't have to worry about getting out of shape. The sauna is a wood fired unit they imported from Finland and it is an awesome experience to go from sauna to pool and back again. They have rooms to rent and campsites with water and electric. They are singles friendly with a mix of couples, families with children and singles. Everyone we met were very friendly and conversation just seems to flow so naturally in a relaxed setting.. So, if you want a great nude getaway in a beautiful Alpine-like setting, drop by for a visit. They are open weekends from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Thanks Joe and Barb for the report!
o First time at Sunspot in Pennsylvania Report. Spring 2002. I have never been to a resort. Been to my first in north east Pennsylvania - Sunspot. Very very friendly people to me, the Kissingers. As a sep single male 40. No one had a problem with me being single. None. It was a great place and very nice and quiet to all. THe resort is located in a town called Susquehanna. Off rt n-81 and exit 230 rt 171 s. Thanks JGrivner for the report!
o West Penn Naturists Report. 2000. Having attended several West Penn Naturist (WPN) gatherings as part of a couple, I have found them to be single tolerant, preferring couples or families if possible; but accommodating and friendly either way. Having talked on previous occassions with the head of that organization, they are interested in getting more members of the traditional college-age (18-30). More specifically, non-WPN members (both singles and couples) need to either call or e-mail for an invitation to WPN events. For further details on info and policies, go to their website. Based on my past experiences, they are very friendly and accomodating to all needs and circumstances.
o White Thorn Lodge - Superbowl XXXII Report. September 6 - 8, 2002. White Thorn Lodge is well situated if you live in the Cleveland-Pittsburgh corridor; I had to drive for 4 hours, but it was worth it for Superbowl XXXII. Four days and three nights are well worth the $30 and the 400-mile-round-trip drive from Columbus, especially at Volleyball Superbowl. The first thing to get my attention was the sheer number of people there - and I arrived on Thursday. People didn't really start to arrive until the next day. Anyway, I spent most of the afternoon and evening on Thursday in the pool, as I would for much of the event. Speaking of the pool, White Thorn's facilities are plentiful and in excellent condition. There is of course the pool, hot tub, sauna, several showers, shuffle board, bocce ball, and -- last but not least -- the volleyball courts, on asphalt, sand, and grass. Also, families with small children will be glad to know that the playground facilities are better than I ever had growing up. Friday night I was in the World's Longest Nude Conga Line, where I got this ticket. I think it was to get me into the awards ceremony for last year's winning volleyball teams, but i skipped out. Later, I got drafted into playing for our club's team as a sub. However, I wound up starting in every game. Saturday was the "regular season" day - our team had a record of 2 and 5 in the Novice League. On Superbowl Sunday, we were in the "playoffs" - playing another team for a spot in the Field of 16 for that court. We were eliminated. Oh well, more time for me in the pool. I would have been able to stay until noon on Monday, but my traveling companion needed to get home that night. As we left, we saw the total number of registered guests for the weekend: nearly 1800 -- I forget the actual number -- plus dozens of unregistered kids. I will end this report on a final note: SUPERBOWL ROCKS! Thanks David for the report!
o White Thorn Lodge Report. September 2001. My wife and I are "probationary" members at White Thorn. This past September was our first "SUPERBOWL" experience. Of course, we were involved in a lot of prep work to get ready for the Volleyball superbowl. Then came the BIG weekend.. People started coming in on Wednesday, really coming in on Thursday, then "massing" on Friday. Total count 1800 plus.. the people at WTL work on this one weekend all year.. In all our years traveling around the world, we have never seen such a dedicated and professional bunch of people to be associated with. There were some problems as one may guess, but each of them were dealt with with our guests in mind.. there was some of the best volleyball competition we have ever witnessed.. entertainment every night, good food, and most important, fellowship, yes nude fellowship with some of the most wonderful people, our guests. It's family, it's an experience that anyone who is putting off trying nude recreation, should give a try.. I witnessed an experience that could only have been possible at WTL.. my wife and I are so lucky to be a part of WTL, and friends with those who come to visit us.. AANR is alive and well at WTL. Thanks John and Jean for the report!
o White Thorn Lodge Report. In the spring of 2000 my wife and I went to Jamaica.. the resort we were at had a clothing optional beach... that was our first experience to clothing optional. Since we have returned we found White Thorn Lodge in Western PA. This is such a geat setting and everybody that we have met there are wonderful.. we are very relaxed there and even our daughter came out with us once or twice during the summer.. I have to agree with Jim Dodge's report, it is well worth your time to stop in. A wonderful family experience. Thanks John and Jean for the report!
o White Thorn Lodge trip report by Jim Dodge - July 1997.

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