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Paradise Lakes Resort, Florida

October, 1999.

Went with my wife Oct 21-28. This was our first experience with a stateside naturist resort. Had a nice motel room off of the main pool. Wonderful facilities.

Wonderful weather. Wonderful employees - very courteous and friendly. The "conversation pool" is indeed a great innovation. The food was good and the entertainment in the club was quite a pleasant surprise. Many of the guests were very cliquish. I found that in most instances, we had to speak first to break the ice. This was especially true on the weekend when lots of people within driving distance congregated here.

The oft-heralded axiom that "nudists are the friendliest people in the world" was not in evidence.

Very friendly, however, were those we met who own their own property and live within the confines of the resort. They are naturists through and through, very dedicated and wouldn't trade places with anyone on the "outside" and are very positive of their 100% commitment to this lifestyle.

This is a clothing option facility and we found that during the day almost all guests were unblushingly nude, and very comfortable with themselves, which I think is a healthy sign. In the restaurant for dinner, it was about 50-50.

I believe there would have been more nude diners if the weather had not been so unseasonably cool at night.We found that about 75% of those in the club were clothed and I couldn't help but think, as we people watched, that many were let in from the outside. You just didn't see them during the day and their demeanor was definitely different.

Would we go back? Yes, and this is especially refreshing for me because my wife kept saying how much she enjoyed it. The fact that Paradise has such a nice boutique, jewelry counter, massage & beauty shop had a lot, I believe, to do with her positive feelings.

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