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This report is brought to you by DCupstateny and is from the Message Board, July 1999.

The opinions expressed are those of the person(s) who submitted the report and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of NetNude.

Penn Sylvan Health Society, Mohnton, Pennsylvania

(Note: July 2000 update from Penn Sylvan included at the bottom of this report.)

Last year, my wife and I tried nudism for the first time. We were hooked in the first 30 minutes. We couldn't get away a lot then because of tight work schedules, but this year we did. We just completed a two week vacation and went to clubs that we have heard so much about. The other reports from DCupstateny are under: Buckridge, Candor, NY; Empire Haven, Moravia, NY; Pine Tree Associates, Crownsville, MD; Penn Sylvan Health Society, Mohnton, PA. We bought the 19th edition of The North American guide from the AANR.

The directions in the book are close but off when it says bear right by the church. The Y is down the road further. The turn is by the mailboxes but again there were a couple of roads that had mailboxes at the end of them. It was some guess work and we guessed right. It was a little spokey going down the road to the camp. Big signs that said POSTED or NO TRESPASSING lined the road before reaching a welcome sign. Once at the office nobody was there. Instructions to fill out your own registration card and put money in an envelope was there instead. We had no idea where to go after that. We asked a local and he was very friendly. He showed us where to park and pointed out the clubs assets. The grounds are big enough to move big rigs around. The facilities were very good. After exploring a little bit we were impressed with the clubs indoor outdoor pools, as well as the hot tub and sunning areas. An older couple brought the local newspaper over to us and advised us that if we need anything just ask. The club is good size and has many families living/staying there. Pricing for the night was $31.50 with electric. We wished we could have spent more time there. It was on our way out that we learned that the members more or less run the club and that was the reason for no host on our arrival. Overall this is a very nice club with very nice members. If you go don't be spoked by all the warning signs on the road in. If you do need anything just ask a member, they truely make you feel welcomed.

July 2000 update from Penn Sylvan.

This report stood as it was a year ago - but boy - what a year can do!

We are now working with the local organizations to make the maps and directions a lot clearer then in previous time. Upon entering camp - you will notice a brand new office at the entrance. The addition of rail fencing and plants make this an attractive "first impression" for newcomers. No more "honor" system. All guests are registered and welcomed into camp. Our office has someone on call when the office is unmanned. Help is now a phone call away!

With both pools, whirlpools, volleyball courts and various other features, we have added two rental cabins. We have also added three rooms in the farmhouse for seasonal rental. We are slowly renovating the farmhouse which we believe has been on the property over 100 years.

We have updated the office and grounds to move into the upcoming years in a positive light for our members. We are a family orientated camp ground, and our members can feel proud of the steps being taken in their favor.

Penn Sylvan does allow singles as long as they are Current AANR members in good standing. We do limit the amount of singles allowed as full members so as to keep it balanced as a family camp.


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