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Received via email on February 10, 1998. Name withheld..


Pirates Cove below Zuma Beach

Last month I was alone at my favorite California beach. The day was marginal but not too cold. I write as a warning because what happened to me could happen to you.

Pirates Cove has been an off and on again nude beach for years and just last summer it was definitely off. But last month I thought I'd take a chance as I didn't expect anyone at the beach and I was right.

To reach Pirates you have to climb over rocks..only one way into the cove area.

I'd spent about an hour there when I noticed 4 teens climbing over the rocks to the cove, They were not dressed for the beach, They stood between me and the "exit" and appeared to be discussing me. One of the guys started to walk towards me and the girl with them called him back. Then two guys came forward...about a 50 yard distance.

One had a large knife and demanded everything I had, towel, clothes, car keys, etc.

I didn't argue. There I was left on the beach with nothing. I gave them time to leave and then climbed over the rocks to see them drive away in my rental car.

It was nearly two hours before a couple drove past the beach and help me out...borrowed shorts, shirt and a ride to the motel.

Don't go there alone.


The following is a comment from someone in the area who knows this beach.

It's been illegal for a long time with no breaks in it's being legal. There have been some gaps in enforcement but none in legality. Going there during times when there are not likely to be other people is asking for trouble. This has happened before.

I wouldn't go there at all unless it was part of an organized effort to change the law.

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