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Playalinda lives!

July 2001

After three years of boycotting Brevard County, I had to give in and get a "fix." at Playalinda. My wife and I arrived for the Friday afternoon "turn" of the parking lot at 2pm and got a space near crossover 13. We spent several glorious hours on the beach and in the water. Water must have been about 82F - nice for us Floridians.

We got back to the Space Shuttle Inn in Titusville to find that Florida Today news paper had an article highlighting problems with lewd acts at a local beach that brought in comments about Playalinda. The "Facts" were distorted since they were not period specific nor location related within the 24 miles of Canaveral Seashore. [I'd call it yellow journalism.] They DID point out that there were lewd citations and arrests at places other than the "nudist areas," mostly for gay male activity.

Saturday morning, we arrived to a blase beach, buzzing but undeterred by the paper's article -- just several hundred folks enjoying the Florida shoreline. After dropping my wife at the north gate, I had to park at lot 11, and I hiked up to move our "stuff" onto the beach. The ambiance of water, breeze and sun were again just perfect for our stay. We had a plan for the evening hours, and left the beach well before the 5pm bug biting began [a standard occurence each day when the easterly breeze dies down and the insects charge out of the marshes].

{Hiking back to the car left me wondering why the people can't be a little more helpful by offering a ride to those headed to the south lots. I was wearing shorts, a shirt and shoes, and wouldn't get lotion all over the upholstery! I think I'd give a guy a ride if I were lucky enough to get a spot at the north end. and saw someone headed for the half mile or more trek.}

Sunday morning we were able to park in lot 12, and walked up again, making the first dip that much more refreshing. After 4 hours, it was time to go. And as I started south, a smart engineeer from Cocoa, saw the opportunity for finding his space and offered the ride I'd hoped for. I pulled out, he pulled in, and I rode him back to the north end! That simple exchange of pleasantries capped a wonderful weekend for us.

There's too much going on with the Space Center and other area recreations to believe a naturist boycott will be too effective during vacation periods. Our meals were taken at restaurants full of visitors - the cash registers at the popular touristy places were ringing loud and often. The town streets show some effects of the economic woes of the region's residents, with lots of For Sale signs and plenty of unfilled storefronts and commercial buildings.

We'll continue to hope for a recall of the Brevard ordinance against nudity for nudity's sake, and a restoration of peace and normalcy at Playalinda. It's a beautiful place that deserves nice, nudist people to enjoy it! Meannwhile, we'll trek to Haulover Beach, The American Riviera, in North Miami Beach and enjoy hassle free times, thanks to the vigilance of South Florida Free Beaches and the B.E.A.C.H.E.S. Foundation.


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