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Pondarosa Resort at Will's Point, Texas.

July 2008

I tented here for the 4th of July weekend, 2008, which is my favorite way, as close to nature as possible.

My plans had changed on short notice and yet the owner and management here were still able to book me with but two days notice. As a single nudist with my dog, I was truly surprised that they were able to do this so quickly. My first impression was the cleanliness of the grounds, as I arrived Thursday evening less than an hour before sundown, and they were as spotless as you could possibly expect after a day's use. And, they WERE spotless at the beginning of each day I was there.

I quickly got my tent pitched, walked the dog all around the grounds, and took a shower before seriously exploring the facilities. (I was nude when I arrived, having stripped about a hundred miles down the road to get an early start on sunning). I wouldn't suggest arriving nude, as it seemed to surprise them a bit when I came through the front door to check in, but I must say that getting out of my clothes was one less thing I needed to do when I arrived.

There is a large clubhouse with a pool table, a ping pong table, foosball, satellite TV, and a fully-equipped kitchen. It also has plenty of seating for dining in the air conditioning, a dance floor, and they had live entertainment for Saturday evening.

The swimming pool is large and inviting, the water was still sparkling even after the day's use, and there is a large hot tub/whirlpool which was extremely relaxing each morning with my coffee. A large open air pavillion is opposite the pool from the clubhouse, and the hot Texas afternoons soon found me here, dipping into the pool and then letting the breeze dry me in the shade of the pavillion.

The bath house is situated slightly northwest of the pool, and it was spotless every time I was in it, regardless of the time of day. The side of the bath house facing towards the club house has the open air showers, and everytime I used them, I was able to enjoy a pleasant breeze while becoming hygenically correct. Directly behind the bath house from the pool area is a large trampoline which I didn't yet try, saving something new for my next visit. There are also horse shoe pits and shuffleboard, and thanks Goober, for kicking my butt at the latter, lol.

The meadow where I pitched my tent is large enough to accommodate many campers and probably still have enough room for a touch football game, soccer, or whatever you'd wish to do. I put my tent near a small pond on the premises and enjoyed peaceful evenings that were surprisingly quiet when the proximity of the amenities is taken into consideration, Which is ideal for me as it left me close to everything I could wish for but still gave me peace and quiet when that was what I craved.

Standard requirements were the rule for my dog as in leashed or otherwise restrained, my responsibility to pick up after him, and he wasn't allowed in the pool or spa areas, but I expected and respected all that before I inquired about him staying.

I'm not positive, but I believe the only other rule that may be of concern is that the pool and spa areas are mandatory nude areas. They may not be, this is a CO resort, and a family-friendly one but I thought I overheard one of the members say that it was a nude area. It made no difference to me as my goal was to be nude for my entire stay, and I did achieve that goal:-). Obviously, standard ettiquette and respect for others is expected, and no explicit sexual conduct, other than that it is pretty much whatever you want to do as long as it isn't offensive to others.

The staff was friendly and attentive, and readily answered all my questions. The members of this resort were the friendliest group I've ever encountered, and as a man visiting singly, this really says a lot about how welcome the resort and it's people make a stranger as myself feel. As soon as they realized that I wasn't there for any other reasons than my love of being nude, I was being accepted and greeted as though I had been there most of my life. The friendliness of these members makes another lasting impression on a single middle-aged man that will make my return visits eagerly anticipated.

This is a family-oriented naturist facility so if you are looking for swapping and swinging, you won't find it here and you most likely won't be tolerated for long here if that is what you are after. But it IS a great place to relax nude with some very good people and destroy your tan lines while doing so. This is one of those places that you can't wait to come back to, the facilities alone would be sufficient enough for most to plan a return visit. But, when you couple that with the caliber of people that own, staff, and operate this place, it doubles that desire to return. That desire merely doubles again when one considers how truly open and friendly the members here are.

I've been invited back for a chili cook-off in mid-August, and i'm working on plans to return again on Labor Day, but I may not wait until the cook-off to get back here.

This is the closest place to Dallas so, if you are ever anywhere near Dallas, NE Texas, SE Oklahoma, SW Arkansas, or anywhere in Louisiana it would behoove you to plan a stay here, you will definitely enjoy it.

If anything was lacking, it was my own fault, as the only thing I regret is that I didn't have any pictures taken of me while I was there. I don't know their policy on that, but I always like to have a picture of me standing by the signage, nude, of course:-). But I didn't think to ask anyone to take some pictures of me, so I can hardly blame the Pondarosa for that. The next time I'm there, I will inquire as to the policy on picture taking.

So, all in all, this is an extremely well-run, clean, comfortable establishment with great members, and I consider myself fortunate to have enjoyed a nude weekend here. And, as a single man, to be accepted as I was and to be invited back goes a long way towards describing just how good these people are.

Russ (1newddewd on the NetNude message board).

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