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Potters Aztec Baths, Arizona, Report



Please ask the host for directions. Near Clifton.


Not Rated


This is the ultimate getaway or a scenic or historic adventure without compare. With scenery to die for in the San Francisco River Canyon, not far downriver from incomparable Sundial Hot Springs in New Mexico, Potters Aztec Baths B&B in the Aridzone is a 104 year old, completely restored mansion, on the National Register Of Historic Places, with an 84 year old host who was born in the mansion who will prepare a Mexican or American breakfast for your party and share it with you, all the while regaling guests with tales of a bygone era, rich in history. Many of the working appliances and furniture are also very old. In all the naturnude experiences we've had, there's nothing like this one. If one has a large RV, it's bet to leave it at the Clifton RV park on the flatlands less than a mile away from Potters Aztec Baths; the road down into the mansion is suitable only for vehicles up to, say 25 feet.

In addition to offering not so private soaking, nude of course ("because that's the way it was always done") in the most saline water we've yet encountered -- it leaves your skin luxurious! -- there are hot springs at river level downstream from the mansion where nude soaking is the norm. There is much living and past mining history to be viewed in both Clifton and nearby Morenci.

Nudity in and about the mansion probably isn't cool, but in one's own room it's fine. Nude at the hot tanks and in the river soaks in normal and natural.

We can't wait until the next time we're there.


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