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July 1998

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit the Richmond Sauna in Richmond, Maine with an internet nudist friend. We had a very nice time.

The Richmond Sauna is a traditional Finnish sauna, with one group room and five private rooms. All sauna rooms have wood stoves and hot rocks that you pour water on to create steam. There is also a hot tub (traditional, California redwood style) and an covered, inground pool. Although not really a nudist place, there are no suits in the hot tub or pool and I can't imagine sitting in a sauna wearing anything. So I guess, de facto, it is a nudist place.

My friend and I arrived, paid our fee ($15/person) and were escorted to a private room. There is a small anteroom to disrobe, with hooks for your clothes. We got undressed, then went to the sauna. It was hot--105 degrees. The instructions say to start short (about 10 min. in the sauna), then cool off, back to the sauna, cool off. Each time you go back to the sauna you can increase the time. We did just that, opting to cool off in the pool rather than the hot tub (only because each time we came out, there were about 5 or 6 other folks in the tub and it looked a tad crowded).

There were others around, and although everyone smiled and said hi, no one really struck up a conversation. Your privacy is respected. On the night I was there (a Tuesday), I saw one other woman besides myself. There were maybe 10 men (I wasn't counting).

Overall, we had a pleasant experience, with lots of time to chat and relax. I would definitely go back. There is also a bed & breakfast at the same place--it was closed that evening, however, as the owner was in Vermont. I have never met anyone who has stayed at the b&b, but rumor has it that it is a CO place.

The sauna is open Tuesday - Sunday, 6 - 10 pm in the summer, and 5 - 9 pm in the winter. You need to make reservations to stay at the B&B, but just show up for the sauna--no reservation required.

The Richmond Sauna can be found at:
Dingley Road, Richmond, ME 04357
207-737-4752 or 800-400-5751

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