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Riverboat Nudist Club, Florida

March 2001

Just got back from a trip to Florida and on one of our day trips went to visit Riverboat. Some friends said it had to be seen to be believed. They were right.

It sort of puts you off right away when you drive through Caliente on a really bad dirt road to get to the gate - I understand they are putting in a new road that will bypass Caliente. That would be helpful!

I was put off even more by the general disrepair of nearly everything I saw once we got inside and parked the car. To find the office we had to wander around hunting for signs (not good planning at all, and who would put the office where it was difficult to locate?) To get there we had to pass the hot tub area - not a bad tub, but the surround had tiles falling off and rotten wood showing underneath. The water was green (before St Patricks day, so not an excuse) and I have never seen a hot tub with the jets in the seats. Interesting. There were also two odd looking swings and a mannequin in the hot tub area that I couldn't quite figure out - any ideas, anyone? The pool was on the other side of the walkway - had a solar cover on, covered with leaves. Obviously hadn't been opened for some time.

Next on our journey was the bathhouse - again, tile coming off the walls and I refused to touch anything. Tilex and bathroom cleaner would be handy. Around the corner was what looked like a stage - maybe for weekend dances they have a live band, though it looked pretty unused to me. I couldn't identify the area next to it... and there were several picnic tables (they last longer if you use sealer on them yearly) and what must have been the office. I didn't try to go inside; it was dark and obviously unattended. Hint - the snowbirds who like to visit in the winter usually expect the office to be open until 5pm.

There was a pond in the center of the grounds - an aerator will keep the algae down - that looked like someone had been doing some work on it. There were lots of new landscaping blocks around, but until it's cleaner we wouldn't use it. We walked around the pond (watch out for the doggie doo!) and found what was probably supposed to be a pagan circle. I checked some references and understand that the altar should be in the east (one friend said she wouldn't enter the circle the way I described it and another said "Didn't he check before he built it? Who is this guy, anyway?") By the way, your pentagram looks like an old steering wheel - where did you find that?

We saw several campers that looked like they had been there awhile - one woman waved - and met some people who were staying there for a few days. From our short conversation, they didn't seem impressed.

It's pretty obvious that the person who owns the place is making an effort to add some new features for his clientele, but the overall impression we had was of disrepair and dirt. If this club were new, I could see having too much to do and not enough time to do it in. But the facilities are there and it looks like no one cares enough to take care of them.

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