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First Time at Rock Lodge Report

Spring 2005

After so many years I was about to do something I had only dreamed about.

I think my first recollection of hearing about nudism was when I was maybe eleven or twelve. My family had a membership at a local "Swim Club." A sixties suburban style of summer diversion. Every other Saturday night there were activities for the adults. A dinner dance or mystery trip. Once per season they would go to a "nudist colony." I have a feeling that my parents were some of the ones that actually would get naked. I never asked them about it. I have been interested in nudism ever since.

Over the years I went skinny dipping at night with friends at a local lake. On my journey across the American west in my youth I visited various hot springs and enjoyed being nude with others. In my twenties I bought the Guide to Nude Beaches and visited the old beach at Riis Park in NYC and some other smaller places in the NYC area. Over time other interests came along most important of all a wife and kids. Once the kids came, I pretty much forgot about nudism until a couple of years back. I started to seek out places in the woods to hike to so I could strip down and enjoy nature as it was intended to be enjoyed.

Last fall I finally made my way to Sandy Hook's famed Gunnison Beach on a cool autumn day. Finally, nude in public with other like minded souls. I have since been back to Gunnison a couple of times this season but as always alone. This wasn't social nudism. I needed to visit a nudist club. I got the chance a few weeks ago when I read about open house day at Rock Lodge in northern NJ. I had asked to visit last year but was told that as a single male, I wasn't really wanted. I inquired about my status for this year and was told that I was most certainly welcome for open house day.

Rock Lodge is less than a half hour from my home in a very secluded, wooded area. I had driven by what I thought was their place a couple of times in the past but this time I was right there, ringing the bell at the gate. I was welcomed inside and given a brief tour and along the way introduced to some folks who had a nice word and a smile for me. Here I was shaking hands with naked people and still dressed. Oh my Goodness!!!! I handed over my ten bucks and went to my Jeep. I was in, I was welcome and the only thing to do was take off my clothes and enjoy. Having been to the beaches I was prepared to take the leap. I was more anxious driving there and waiting to be admitted than I was at this point. I doffed my clothes and my cares and replaced them with my flip flops, floppy hat and some suntan lotion.

Here I was, fifty years old, overweight with manboobs no less but I was ready. No one would care what I looked like I kept telling myself as I headed towards the small beach. Rock Lodge has no pool. It does have a lovely spring fed large pond that looked rather inviting on this hot humid day. The beach seemed to be pretty much filled up with members who either rented or leased cabins or were regular day members. Many folks smiled and gave me a nod and that was it. I strolled around the lake to what is called the rock beach since it is just that. A very large rock with a few chairs placed on it and a dock. I enjoyed the sun and the water and swam out to a floating dock a few times. Each time someone was there for some conversation.

At last social nudism. It was an amaziningly liberating feeling. After a while some other day visitors came over to the rock beach and we engaged in conversations and shared snacks. It was wonderful! Over the next few hours I watched some of the members working on the grass tennis court and watched some folks play tennis. I even went inside the clubhouse to view the many items on display for the annual art show. I was naked with strangers who like me who made no big deal about it. I wandered around the lake on the trail enjoying looking at the different cottages and cabins. Then I went for a hike on their trail which in fact meets up with a section of trail on public land that I maintain. To finally be nude in the woods and not have to be constantly on the look out. I took off every bit of jewelry, my hat and shoes and wandered through the woods totally nude. AAAAAAAaaahhhhhhh!!!!!

I also took a sauna after I saw that the hot tub was not yet filled for the season. After the sauna I couldn't wait to hit the water again. I had to do it all. I jumped into a row boat and took a couple of slow laps around the pond. The day continued along in that same way until it was time for me to think about going home. It is true that you don't want to get dressed again. I won't forget those smiling faces and nice words and that very first time at a nudist club.

I was told that there were a limited amount of weekday memberships available for single men this year. I'm hoping that a full membership will be available for next season.


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