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Sabino Canyon Near Tucson, Aridzone, Report.



Exit #256 off I-10 in Tucson, Arizona. East on Grant Rd. Left on Tanque Verde Rd. Left on Sabino Canyon Rd. to the end at Sabino Canyon Recreation. Enjoy the scenic tram ride to the last stop--#9. At the stone wall overlooking the creek, go right on the uphill trail. After the wall ends, go left downhill to the creek, then upstream a short distance (out of sight of the road); you're home. Then follow the advice written in the sand--Get Naked!




Deep in Tucson's Sacred Sabino Canyon, "GO NAKED" was written in the sand in foot high letters at one of the several small beaches. It's axiomatic we were in our natural element. A planned trip to nearby Tanque Verde (pronounced "Ton-ka Verd-a") Falls had been postponed because the falls are "often bone dry" as WORLD GUIDE, p. 10 advises. Nearby 3,300 ft. elevation Sabino was a logical alternative. We took the $5/person tram to the end, stop 9, ensuring that we knew when the last tram out was leaving, since we didn't want to walk the nearly five miles back. Disembarking, we asked the driver for directions to the creek; she must have decided we were Naturists by looking at our gear and promptly lied with a straight face, directing us to the wrong place. Fortunately, before we'd gone two minutes out of our way, instinct kicked in and we quickly found the correct trail, only twenty yards up from the last stop. From there, the trail went straight down to the creek; we immediately became free of cloth. We still could see the road, but it was some distance away and there was foliage between it and us, so we worried not about anyone seeing us. Sabino is a breathtakingly beautiful deep mountain desert canyon with many kinds of flora, absolutely one of the prettiest we visited in the Southwest. It felt SO GOOD to be there!

Before we found the writing in the sand, we saw a scantily clad young woman allowing herself to be photoed in "sexy" positions by a fully clothed man. When she saw us nude, she asked him if he wanted her to take off her clothes. He said, "Yes." and she did, but he didn't. Then she continued to assume "provocative" positions, including some suggesting masturbation, while he snapped away. We hope too much of that doesn't happen at otherwise pristine Sabino; we hope their actions aren't confused with those of responsible N's. A short distance upstream, we were otherwise thoroughly Enjoying the completely gorgeous scenery when, "DRAT!" we realized the tripod wasn't in either of our packs = we couldn't auto photo in that idyllic Desert Xanadu.

Well, we just had to have pix, at such a perfect nuding area so we went back to the soft porn zone and asked the camera person to photo us with our camera. The woman IMMEDIATELY hid behind cloth, though we, of course, stayed natural. We brought the WORLD GUIDE and the latest NUDE & NATURAL to share with them; they couldn't have cared less = they looked at them only briefly, then put them down without even being polite enough to hand them back. We offered to be in pix for them; offer declined. They did a decent job photoing us. We thanked them then and we thank them now because the photos came out well and one was later published in "Naturally". We just wish next time they want to take sex photos that they go elsewhere. After leaving the clothist area, Sabino Canyon is litter free. Let's keep it that way.

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