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Sandy Hook Trip Report.

August 2003

Thursday, Day 1 ......
Drove to N.J. to meet my cyber-friend Larry. He gave me a great tour of New Jersey.

Friday, Day 2 .......
Took the train to NYC, walked from Penn Station to 72nd St. Had the most amazing Pizza I've ever had. Stopped in every store along the way, checking out t-shirts, and hunting for Air Conditioning. I must have sweated off 15 pounds on this trip....... Man!!! It was hot & humid.

Met the Naked Cowboy at Broadway & 46 or 48th streets. Had my pic taken with him. Amazed the crowd with a TOPFREE pic. I wonder why he didn't know it was legal for me to be top free? He was top free. Rain started and we sat for a while, to decide our options. We packed the camera and cell phones into plastic bags, and braved the storm. We continued walking up Broadway to the studio where Letterman does his show, and Larry took a picture of me, (Wet t-shirt Contest) with the sign for HOOTERS in the background.

We visited Strawberry Fields in Central Park, took pictures of the IMAGINE memorial. Crossed the street to The Dakota, took pictures of where John Lennon lived and was murdered. Took the subway back to Ground Zero, took more pictures. The rain stopped sometime while we were on the train. We saw the wall of names and found the names of my 2 friends that were killed in the attack and one of Larry's friends. Took the train back to Larry's place. Dinner at Arthur’s Tavern. Took steak pictures and called our cyber-bud in Arizona on phone. He was in his hot tub with his partner. We went to a pub, and heard "Undercover" a band in Rumson, NJ (friends of Larry's).

Sat. Day 3....
Drove out to Sandy Hook (Gunnison Beach). Met 5 online friends, and spent the day on the beach..... took lots of pictures. Went to BBQ at the drummer's (from Undercover) house.

Sun. Day 4....
Breakfast at Hometown Buffet. Yummy Eggs Benedict… Went to see RINGO at the PNC Arts Center. Dinner at White Castle burgers afterwards.

Monday , Day 5...
Sandy Hook again..... I'm addicted... I love the place. Lots of beach, nice friendly people, and Terrific waves to play in. The lifeguards were a bit odd. It started to rain, and they put on full sweats, rain gear and umbrella's. I asked them to NOT try to save me, if I were in the water, as I figured they pull me under with all that gear on. LOL (got a great pic of them with me nude) They asked were I was from and when I said "Canada, about 1 hour north from Toronto" they smiled and said, "Figures". LOL Then we went to a "free In-the-park" Gary US Bonds, concert. Stopped at Wendy’s for dinner.

Tuesday, Day 6...
Wildwood Boardwalk. Spent a small fortune. Excellent place, but no nude beach. I did get more pics of me standing in the surf in shorts & t-shirt. Atlantic City by night....Terrific casino buildings..... Trump tower, Hilton, Sands, Wild Wild West Casino, and the new Borgata Casino. the lighting is incredible. No I didn't get out of the car. We never stopped except at Stop lights, and for me to take a picture. White Castle again. (I love them "sliders").

Wednesday Day 7....
Sandy Hook. (feeding my addiction) Watched an argument between a man and 2 gay men. I was curious as to the way the American's were going to handle this, in comparison to Canadian law. The Beach rangers were called, and it was settled in about 20 minutes. Seems the one guy tanning on the beach was upset by the 2 gay men hugging and kissing next to him, and when he voiced his objection, one of the gay men picked up his towel to move and purposefully flung sand onto the first man. At this point the first man made a fool of himself by calling the men HOMO's. The gay men went to the lifeguard to complain which forced the lifeguard to call the rangers.... In the end, the one man was left to tan, and the 2 gay men were asked to move to the far end of the beach which is predominantly gay anyway.

Thursday, Day 8 ...
Left Larry's at 8 a.m. to drive back to Newmarket. Arrived in Newmarket at 7 p.m.
I had an amazing time..

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