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Serendipity Park Report

Sunday, April 21, 2002.

Since I had to visit Atlanta for a week for a job commitment, I chose to fly in on Saturday night and took Sunday to visit Serendipity Park. My wife and I had already visited another of Georgia's nudist parks, Hidden Valley, in Dawsonville, in 1996. However, since I had spoken with the owners - Paul and George - on AANR/ESA issues in the past, I thought I'd take this day and give "the 'dip" a try.

I had called the day before, and asked if I would be welcomed as a married man whose wife is a nudist (and her name is on my AANR card) but she chose to stay home on this trip. No problem, as all are welcome at Serendipity.

I headed from Atlanta's Perimeter Region, up I-85 to GA-400, and continued on it and after 400 ended, continued on another lengthy road - so it seemed like an endless drive. While it is in the 'Atlanta area', it must be noted that it is not a short drive. While I didn't keep track of mileage or time, I had to guess that it was around a 90 minute drive from the Perimeter region (Dunwoodie) area. A large portion of the jaunt was NOT over limited access highways. Finally, I made it to the 'dip, and noticed that Mountain Creek Grove, another park, is located immediately next to Serendipity.

I drove in, and found a mixture of trailers and cottages. Proceeding to the central area, I headed for the office where Paul greeted me. I registered, paid my grounds fee of $20, and he took me on a brief tour of the park. During the tour, I noticed that the membership was gender-balanced, and there was also a large contingent of kids and teens. Paul took care to note that Serendipity Park is very family-oriented, and they are proud of it.

I was shown the recreation hall, and the combination dance hall and TV lounge. There is a big screen TV; while the dance area was not in use on Sunday afternoon, it had a parquet floor. Paul explained that there is usually an event on Saturday night. People of all ages are welcomed, but after 10 pm or so, kids are spirited out to their own area so the adults have a quiet time to themselves.

Paul took care to introduce me to almost every person that was near us, and all responded with a degree of welcome and friendliness.

Heading outside, I was told that the pool has a uniform depth of around 3 feet, and it's heated. The depth lends itself to water volleyball games, and during the afternoon there were several matches. He took me upstairs and showed me the exercise room. While I'm not into exercise and exercise machines, it was adequately equipped, probably as well equipped as the gym in my office. Overhead televisions are available in the gym, so you can watch TV and exercise at the same time.

The hot tub and sauna room were very nice. The hot tub looks like it could comfortably seat at least a dozen people, and it didn't have the chemical smell found in many spas in public places. Finally, I met George, who was tending the counter at the snack bar. After that, I was told about the hiking trails around the park, and then was invited to choose a chaise lounge and enjoy the day. Since it was in the high 80s (F - that would be close to 30C on the metric scale), and it was my first outdoor nude day of the season, I kept to the shade as much as possible. I occasionally chatted with the members, as well as a first time nudist visitor who just happened to be visiting from the Boston area!

During the afternoon, several men and women took the time to come up, introduce themselves, and just made you feel welcome.

So how would I rate Serendipity Park? Very high on my scale of nudist parks. While the physical plant is not what you'd find at a super-resort like Paradise Lakes or Cypress Cove, it certainly offers the standard amenities that you would expect to find at a good nudist park. All facilities - including the bathrooms - were immaculate. The biggest advantage, which made the greatest impression, is the friendliness and warm greeting extended by the members and management to a first-time visitor 1100 miles from home. I look forward to my next trip to Atlanta, and hope that mrs. oldtimers will be along and I can spend a weekend there together.

Finally, the atmosphere - the club maintains a family-oriented atmosphere while also welcoming singles. Indeed, one single lady that initiated conversation with me remarked that she found the park's members to be a welcoming family for her. The crowd seemed to be a bit younger than that found at some other parks. And kids? Kids are everywhere - but not causing a nuisance in any way, shape, or form. In fact, the management puts the kids to work policing the pool area and keeping it clean.

If you're visiting Atlanta, be sure to visit Serendipity Park. Arrive early, and if you're staying downtown, or at the Perimeter, or in Alpharetta - remember, this is not a short drive to the 'burbs. It takes some time to get there, but the web site map instructions are excellent. Driving north, I didn't get to see much of the mountain scenery, but a late afternoon return drive to Atlanta was fantastic. For someone coming from 'up north' where everything is still brown and the trees haven't bloomed as yet, even the drive back was a treat.

See you at the Dip!

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