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First Time and Serendipity in Georgia.

July 2004

I'm a 41 year old divorced male and I decided to write this out before I forgot all of the details. They say that your memory is the first to go. I'm not entirely convinced of that Anyway, here it goes. I suppose that I should start by giving a little background. My brother and I were raised pretty much by just our mother and a couple of stepfathers that passed through our lives at different times. It was basically (as far as my mother was concerned) a traditionally religious upbringing with what I know and realize now as a moderately open, if not quiet, respect for nudity. As I think back now I can recall several times walking in on my mother taking a bath or shower and remembering that she didn't freak out. She would just ask what I needed. I started sleeping nude at a very young age and I actually thought I was getting away with something taboo until my mother brought it up one morning. Much to her credit we discussed sleeping nude in a very easy, mature way. I'm glad she didn't prohibit it but she did set up a few ground rules. Now that I'm older and wiser I realize that there wasn't much my mother didn't know about me or my brother. Go

I was first introduced to skinny-dipping at about 11 or 12 years old when some friends and I went down to the river close to our subdivision one hot summer day to go swimming. As we were rope swinging out and jumping into the river a couple of female friends of ours showed up to swim with us. Of course they didn't realize that we were nude and we hadn't heard them walk up. They stood there a few minutes and we all got real quiet when we saw them. A big smile crossed both girls faces and they also stripped. We guys were in shock, for about 10 seconds, and when the girls jumped in we continued having a great time. After awhile it seemed only natural for all of us to be together naked. That tradition was continued for the next several years, unbeknown to our parents. Most of them would probably have not understood.

As I grew older I became more aware of my body as well as others around me. Due to the fact that nudity wasn't exactly practiced (openly enough) in my house, I was placed in the mind frame that nudity wasn't necessarily a bad thing, just not practiced as a rule. Here is where I see the puritan values of an uneducated society kicking in. When I moved away from home after high school graduation, I got an apartment and nudity was the rule. I had a male cousin visit every once in a while and we would sit around naked on weekends and watch TV. He dated a girl that he brought over several times and I believe that was my first exposure to social nudity even if it was in my apartment. Again, it felt only natural. I joined the military at 22 years old and my naturistic character started to diminish somewhat though taking 5 minute group showers in boot camp didn't phase me in the least. It is probably in the last 5 or 6 years that I have rediscovered my lost freedom of nudity.

As I've traveled throughout the US for one purpose or another I would find one way or another to express my nudism. Unless I was expecting company, motel rooms rarely saw me with clothes on. I dated one woman that was a swim coach for a YMCA in Alabama that had a key to the indoor Olympic size pool and we would go late at night and skinny-dip. It was a freedom that I thought I had lost forever. I would also go camping in a textile camp grounds and late at night I would strip and sit outside my tent just for a short time to enjoy the feel. OK, I should also say that I would ALWAYS find one of the most secluded spots available (as well as one of the darkest) and would normally keep a pair of shorts within arms reach. I wanted to express my nudism but I wasn't being stupid about it. I also had a lot of conflict between my religious beliefs and my nudism. I wasn't sure whether or not I was violating God's will. The church would have said yes but now I'm convinced otherwise and I'm 10 times the Christian now than I was then.

Then one day just recently I discovered a few things that would forever change my life. One was naturist websites showing me where family oriented naturist resorts were relatively close to where I live (very important due to my wanting my daughter and two grand-babies involved) and another discovery was websites that discuss religious beliefs verses nudism. I am now (and most always considered myself) a Christian nudist and God had answered my prayers. I prayed about it for awhile and then decided that if God had not wanted me naked, he would NOT have delivered the websites to me. By the way, I actually stumbled onto them by accident while researching another issue. I looked through several sites and the one I choose was Serendipity Park in the North Georgia Mountains and it was (only) three hours away (relatively close, I thought).

As I was traveling the three hours I had a lot of time to think, and a lot of time to turn around. I decided that this was going to be like jumping into cold water. I could tip toe and take forever to get naked or I would just have to strip all at once and "just do it" I was shaking as I drove up to the speaker box outside of the gate but I used my calmest voice and pushed the button. Paul came over the speaker and let me in after the introduction. Since I am a single male I had called ahead and he was expecting me. I deliberately wore only a pair of shorts and nothing else. I figured it would make striping that much easier which it did. I drove around the dirt road to the office which circled around the pool. I had never been to a place like this and I nearly drove off the road looking around to familiarize myself with my surroundings as quickly as possible.

I was greeted at the office by Paul as well as several others that I found out later were permanent residence. All were completely naked at this point. OK, I thought, so far everyone seems friendly enough. I got the check-in preliminaries out of the way as well as the abbreviated guided tour and headed back to my SUV to unload and set up my camping site. I took a deep breath and stripped out of my shorts. There I stood in all of my naked glory in a place full of naked people and God himself and I suddenly felt a rush of freedom like I had never felt in my entire life. It was incredible. I even felt like God was smiling down on me nodding his head in approval.

Well, to finish up my story, I set up my camp and started meeting other people almost immediately. The thing that occurred to me that was most curious was the fact that I had no problem at all talking to other nudes and even found it easier talking to them without clothes as opposed to with clothes (mine or theirs). All pre-conceived notions that clothes cause were stripped away and I was then able to get to know the real person. All the things that I had read about acceptance among the nudist community were true. My own body acceptance and self-worth were elevated to a higher level and I also realized that I was just how God intended me to be. Nothing covered and nothing to hide.

If you are thinking about the naturist lifestyle but just not sure, believe me, God wants us to be happy and live by faith and it takes a real leap of faith to take this step. Just be self-confident, self-assured, and come to realize that nobody is perfect on the outside. It's what is on the inside the truly counts.


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