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First Annual SouthWest NetNude Gathering

May, 2000.

Shangri La 1
L to R: Cathy, Ron, Pres, ggnaked and LadyD.

Hi all. Thought we would post a brief report of the First Annual SW gathering that was held in New River AZ, beginning May 6th, 2000.

We arrived at the resort, Shangri La, about 11:00 am, May 6th. The weather was perfect! It was warm and there were clear skies, and very little wind. Our friends, Ron_Cath and Pres, from the chatroom beat us there. It was a busy weekend at Shangri La, but we managed to find our chairs by the pool, that Ron_Cath and Pres had saved for us. Thanks Ron and Cath and Pres!!!

We sunbathed (nude of course) for the rest of the day, enjoying the sun and the pool. There was a good combination of ages there, from toddlers to teens to adults, mostly couples. But Shangri La is singles friendly and there were many singles there, too.

We all enjoyed dinner together Saturday night. Ggnaked did the cooking. We had steaks, salad, corn on the cob, beans and strawberry pies for dessert. Pres surprised us all by bringing two bottles of very nice wine to go with our dinner. Thanks Pres!!! It was very good!!! After dinner, we congregated to the club house for music and dancing. YES! You can dance naked at Shangri La!!

The next day, we all met at the pool again for more sunbathing and visiting. We had lunch at the snack bar, then more time in the sun. We went through a lot of sunscreen! It was a small gathering this year, but we all had a great time, and we hope for a better turn out next year. There were a few others there with us who, for personal reasons, preferred to stay anonymous. All in all, it was lots of fun! Hope to see some of you there next year!

LadyD and Ggnaked


Shangri La 2
L to R: Cathy, Ron, Pres, ggnaked and LadyD.

Addendum by Pres:

Ron, Cath and I met on Friday afternoon on the pool deck. We caught a few rays and enjoyed each other's company. After dinner (I had the fish fry at the Bare Buns Café), we went to the new Millennium Clubhouse for karaoke. Cath did a great job on "Johnny Angel" and several other songs, while I stuck to oldies like "Autumn Leaves." There was plenty of participation from the rest of the people.

On Saturday morning we met at the pool again to wait for ggnaked and LadyD. It was wonderful to see so many families there with their children. It looked like the kids were really enjoying themselves.

The Gathering was a lot of fun, and kudos go to ggnaked for all his hard work in making the arrangements. He makes a great chef, too - very professional. And our thanks go to Horst and Gigi Kraus, the owners of Shangri La, for their help and hospitality.

So mark your calendars for next year. The tentative date is for the first week in May, when the weather should be at its sunny best. Y'all come!


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