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Shepherd Hot Spring Report.



From US 395 southeast of Mammoth Lakes, turn northeast on Benton Crossing Road. Go a bit over a mile, passing Whitmore Hot Springs on the right. 0.35 miles north of Whitmore, turn left (almost due north) on Road 3S50, which is gravel. Go 2.5 miles, then turn right on a dirt track. Go another half a mile, crossing a marshy area, and the soaking pool is on the left. Enjoy!


(Not rated).


This is a really cute nude soak in the Hot Creek area east of Mammoth Lakes, California, known as The Mother Lode Of The Eastern Sierra. Many other nude soaks, including Big Hot, Little Hot Creek, Molly's, Crowley, Travertine, Buckeye, Old Benton and others are within day trip distance. The whole area is a gold mine for nude soaking.

Natural mineral water flows from a nearby spring at 125 degrees; the temperature in the stone and mortar pool is controlled by a valve -- PLEASE DO NOT leave the valve open upon leaving or else the next soaker(s) could be scalded.

The area is quite clean; please help keep it that way. No camping allowed at the spring, but there's plenty of public land nearby for free 14 day camping and it can be nude if one seeks a spot out of public view.

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