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Show Me Acres, Missouri.

Summer, 2000.

I had to write to you about Show Me Acres near Stover, Missouri. My wife and I were recently introduced to nudism at Hippie Hollow on Lake Travis near Austin, Texas. After returning to Southwest Missouri, we wanted to find someplace closer to home. We found Show Me Acres on your website and called Bob and Dianne to make arrangements to visit.

We were apprehensive as we made the trip, but found the place to be beautiful and extremely well manicured. We drove in and parked and remained clothed as we walked to the house where we were met by Bob who was very friendly and gave us a tour of the house, pool area, and bath house which is located under the pool. We never felt pressured to undress during the tour, but walked back to our car and did so. The pool is about 30 x 60 and is built on a hill side that allows for two large dressing/bathroom areas to be built underneath. There are showers in the bath houses as well as three outdoor showers. There is a 20 person hot tub. During the early evening hours, we found ourselves enjoying friendly conversation with 14 or so others while soaking in the tub. The first Sunday of each month Bob and Dianne host a pot luck luncheon for members and guests. Although we hadn't brought anything we were invited to enjoy the charcoal broiled burgers and other foods with all the others. My wife and I also hiked down to a lovely stream which flows through the property. It is very picturesque and we enjoyed some private time for photos.

I can't imagine a better place for those new to nudism or for old pros either. Everyone is extremely friendly and my wife was relieved (and even discussed it with another woman) that the place wasn't over run by 20 something models. Ages ranged from late 20's to the 70's. The majority seemed to be in their forties. It took me 20 years to convince my wife to try nudism, now she can't wait to go back to Show Me Acres. Day fee is $25 (which includes a campsite) or $20 for AANR members. Annual membership is only $250.

Bob and Dianne have definitely gone first class providing a warm, friendly, relaxing place. We highly recommend it. We can't imagine anyone not falling in love with Show Me Acres. They are only open on weekends, so call Bob and Dianne to make arrangements to visit (573) 377-4348. Feel free to e-mail us for more details.

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