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Singer Island just north of Palm Beach, Florida.

May 2007

This report is on Singer Island just north of Palm Beach, FL in the John D. MacArthur State Park and Beach. This beach has in the past been mentioned as a place where nudity was possible and it still is possible. I was there Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The beach is about 1.75 miles long. The park charges a $4.00 entrance fee per car.

From 8:00 to 4:00 there is a shuttle that takes you from the parking lot to the beach across a .3 mile long wooden bridge to the beach

To be safe nude you need to walk north until the cross overs to the beach are out of sight and from there north until you can see the houses on the beach north of the park seems to OK. The nude stretch is probably about 3/4 quarter of a mile long. The weekdays I was there the beach was nearly deserted, I only saw a few other au naturals, however I walked nude for over an hour.

A young man on the beach told me he had only seen a Park Ranger on a 4 wheel all terrain vehicle once in the 4 or 5 years he had been there. The tracks in the sand he said were from the turtle watch people who check the nests daily in hatching season. He also said that we should go out to Sun Sport Gardens just west of North Palm Beach, but we went back out to the beach the next day instead.

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