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This report is brought to you by Paul and Karen. Please email the preceding address if you have any questions or comments.

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Long weekend trip report to south Texas coast.

July, 2000.

Karen and I went to the coastal bend area of Texas for a short visit via automobile. The biggest challenge is getting there down the international speedway known as IS 35 that runs from DFW area through Austin and San Antonio area then off on IS 37 to the Corpus Christi area. We had made inquiries regarding visiting the nudist clubs on the way down and staying if room was available, but was overruled by Karen she wanted to stay on the beach and made reservations at a hotel on north padre island for a couple of nights.

On the way down we decided to make a side trip to Riverside Ranch outside of San Antonio for a tour and possibility an overnight stay on the way back. The new ownership of the club (they just took over July 1) greeted us (they are still trying to get things settled and picking up the from the former ownership). We had the grand tour and met some of the members (this was Friday afternoon) and got the information that was we needed to make a decision later. We explained that we had reservations in Corpus Christi and but had late check in time, the owner offered a complementary dip in the pool, but Karen said if she took him up on the offer it would be real hard to leave, so not to tempt her, LOL.

We continued our trip down to Corpus Christi. One priority of the visit to Corpus was to at least call YCT (Larry) and maybe visit with him for a while. I attempted to call Larry on the phone a couple of times Friday night with no success. Finally got him on Saturday morning and made arrangements to meet that evening at his residence. As some of you may know Larry just recently sold his islands that he had in operation for 17 years, so we missed the opportunity to visit his "facilities" but he explained his reasons and we understood. He was also able to give updates on some of the projects that he is working on and the others that have seem to gone by the way side. I believe he has given up on the purchase of the Navy base that was suppose to be closing but at last reports is not. Then there is a town project just south of Corpus Christi that has fallen through. He is currently working on a project for a nudist town in the Big Bend area near the national park, along the Rio Grande River. He does have some rather high hurdles to jump over to get this project done the least of which is getting the utilities to the project. He seems to have the general idea and layout of the project on paper and plenty of resources to make the project go. He really did not speak much about his nudist school but I believe that it is in operation and has a good size attendance.

Karen and I went to the national seashore on Sunday afternoon for a second day at the beach. Larry told us that the seashore is NOT c/o and tickets have been issued in the past even though it is a national park. So we did follow Larry's advice and remained suited.

Sunday evening we called Riverside Ranch back to see if there was some rentals available for Monday night stay. There was some available so off we went we arrived middle of the afternoon on Monday. We got settled in and off to the common pool areas of the club.

The club is going to celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2002 but the grounds and the permanent structures do not appear to be that old. There is a small cafe and clubroom plus a large pool and sunning area with an adjacent hot tub. The grounds are very well kept and there is about 40 full time residences on the grounds. Most reside in "manufactured housing" there appeared to be a couple of residences living in travel trailers or park models. The rentals that are available is two rooms that are like a small hotel (in fact they call it the motel) and one fifth wheel travel trailer. All have the usual stuff and are well maintained.

In a conversation with the owners they polled the membership and tried to find out what they are looking for in improvements to the club, they have a list of things that they are planning and some they have already done.

The new owners are from Florida they have managed one of the clubs in the Pensacola area for the last six years and they decided to purchase the Riverside club. They seem to have a direction for the club in mind and it seems that they have the membership backing so far.

Karen and I left Tuesday afternoon in the middle of the afternoon for the long trip back to the DFW area. We were both impressed by the Riverside club and would return in the future if the situation presented its self.

Paul and Karen

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