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From the intersection of SR376 and US 50, 12.5 miles east of Austin, go south toward Tonopah (Nevada) on 376 for 1/4 mile. Turn left (east) on FS 001, Monitor Valley Road. Go 5.7 miles, cross under a large power line, and turn north (left) at the first turn. Follow that track one mile to the springs which are located on the sandy hillside that's much lighter in color than the surrounding rocky hills.


(Not Rated)


2004. We love this one and so do lots of others. Free nude soaking and camping.

Wild burros to serenade you to sleep at night with their braying; they provide wake up service in the morning too, no extra charge. Approaching Spencer from the west one time, we saw the stub of a tower on a mountain about 15 miles distant(snow capped in early June), so we checked the cell phone. Voila! Full signal! Out there on US 50, often referred to as The Loneliest Highway In The US, we stopped, downloaded our email and sent what was in queue. Neat!

Three hot pools with source springs approaching 150 degrees make the danger of being scalded a very real one. Please don't just jump in. The temperature in all three tanks (and several small in ground mud pools) can be adjusted by moving valves, pipes, or rocks; please think of the next soaker(s).

Because the soaks are separated from each other by elevation and small hills, what usually happens is that the less quiet ones congregate at the top pool while old-timers (like us) wanting to hear only the sounds of Mother Nature go to one of the satellite pools, accessible even with a 35 foot motor home towing a car. Roads are very dusty in dry times and completely muddy and impassible by conventional vehicles in wet times.

Please Leave No Trace. Elevation 5690 feet.

Spencer is a good base camp or stopping off place for the several other area hot springs. Abandoned mines and a maze of old trail invite exploration.

Camilla Van Sickle & Bill Pennington

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