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Springs Bath House, South Dakota, Report


This is kind of a neat place we "discovered" about four years ago. Springs Bath House is built on the site of the Old Sulphur Bath House which first opened in 1888.

At Springs Bath House, nudity is limited to one indoor soak that's very nicely appointed; the tanks is large enough for two to be comfortable in. There's a nice mineral water shower in the room too.

Many modalities of massage are available, including watsu, as are body wraps, facials, and other treatments. There are several clothes minded soaks. Adults only. Credit cards accepted. A variety of dining experiences are nearby. Mt. Rushmore, the type of place we usually avoid, was awe inspiring and we suggest a trip there; it's only 55 miles north of Hot Springs. For Disney Land with hot water, try the nearby clothes minded Evans Plunge; children of all ages can have a good noisy time there.

Springs Bath House
146 N Garden Street
Hot Springs, South Dakota 57747

In Hot Water,
Camilla & Bill

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