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NetNude Gathering Report 2003 at
Star Ranch Resort in Texas

April 2003

Gathering Rules according to mjc (aka Mike)

1. Stay AWAY from the newspaper.

2. Stay AWAY from the TV.

3. DON'T watch the tornadic storm clouds while playing petanque.

4. DON'T try to PLAY patanque at 2am in the morning! oh wait, time change - 3am in the morning!

5. DON'T try to play petanque at 3am in the morning after eating 2 dozen jello pops.

6. DON'T make jello pops WITHOUT water!

7. DON'T turn the porch light on at night!

8. DON'T forget to LOOK behind your car before backing up.

9. DON'T play volley ball with a HUGE beach ball!

10. DON'T make jello pops WITHOUT water! (oh wait, just said that!)

11. DON'T push the little "call" button on the 2-way radio at 8am in the morning.

12. When talking to Jan, ALWAYS wear the magic sunglasses!

13. Whats the blue button for?

14. Stay away from the doctor!!!

15. DON'T wake up the doctor at 2 am (3am really) just to play petanque!

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