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This report is brought to you by John Phoonist D'Noodist (and Becky the doggie too). Please email the preceding address if you have any questions or comments.

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NetNude Gathering Report 2003 at
Star Ranch Resort in Texas

April 2003

The best thing about the gathering: Definitely the people--the Net Nuders and the folks at Star Ranch who made us feel so welcome. Would that I could always be surrounded by folks who are so nice and so much fun.

The worst thing: The weather at Hippy Hollow--could have gotten the same phenomena by taking off my clothes in a walk in refrig and letting a fan blow on me at high speed--would have been lots more fun if the weather had been better

Ten memorable bullet recollections:

- Jello pops of course, especially Jeanie's Kailua ones

- The gang gathering under my motorhome's awning

-Jan getting "lots of erections"

- Meal times around the big table with good friends

- Blissfully sleeping thru the two am petanque, but then again, I would like to be awakened by two nude women in my bed like some were

-Phil's blatant destruction of the light and having the glass shower down on me as I enforced justice "east of the Pecos" from my tower

--Hot pool/tubing in the evening

-Iced tea blown out of one's nose--didn't know that could be done! (thought it only worked with beer)

-Petaque during the more reasonable hours of daylight

-Mickhaila and Lynn's never ending energy--especially at the dance

--Oh I need an eleventh item--Mikey's masterpiece on Jeanie

Becky wants to add her two cents--she loved all the attention all of you gave her! Now she thinks she needs to be petted every 15 minutes!

John McBeath aka Phoonist D'Noodist (and Becky the doggie too) .

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