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NetNude Gathering Report 2003 at
Star Ranch Resort in Texas

April 2003

Hello My Friends, let me tell you a story about my trip to Star Ranch , the best little nudist club in Texas. As you know, every year a group of friends from NetNude Chat and message boards gather at different places around the country side, to meet online friends.

Last year, the group went to Arizona, I was pondering on going, but dragged my feet too long. This year, I heard about this years trip in early January, and made up my mind I wanted to go, the first commitment, was to buy my airplne tickets, then to register via the phone at Star Ranch. And make room reservations. I found out that, it was more rustic than I thought it would be. Then came the waiting game, as the clock ticked to March 31.

That great morning of March 31 arrived, the weather in Toronto had been great, until that fateful morning, the weather, was turning colder. But, our group met at the airport, for breakfast. Good thing we had a hearty breakfast. (airlines dont feed you anymore we found out). Of course, its not like the last time, I went flying, in those old fashion 4 engine propeller planes that only fly at 10,000feet and 200mph. This plane ride was like a rocket, 600mph, 40,000ft seems like we where only in the air for less than 2 hours, and travelled about 3,000 miles.

Finally, as we drove from the airport, heading to the Star Ranch, spring had sprung, wild flowers were in bloom along Texas Highways. When we got to the ranch, we checked in and found our rustic cabins wilderness. Not quite what I was expecting. But it's home for the next week and I have to make the best of it. It had colour tv, air conditioner, beer fridge, microwave, coffee perker, indoor bathroom without a door, and a bathtub, with plenty of hot water. The cabin was built on a concrete slab, so the floor was always cold, and felt wet, so wet, that my hat fell on the floor, and a scorpian, moved in it right away. When I went to pick up the hat I saw the scorpian under it and was going to crush it with some paper towel, I was handed a shoe, and told to crush its little brains. Good thing, I did, as when the shoe hit it, brains were splatter far and wide. But the stinger, stayed erect, and waving in the air in defiance.

The members of the park, operated the kitchen for our meals, as cooks bottle washers, and waitress's. So food was country classical meals, I never got to try the gravy and biscuits, or the grits, the rest of the food was great.

During the rest of the week, when we got a break from our relaxed pace I would set up my art supplies by the pool and paint souvenir rocks of the netnude gathering, for everyone who was interested. And if I could find someone that wanted to paint, I painted them too. I had one little girl 7yrs old, that loved to be painted, and is proud of my art work. I did a different painting on her everyday, On the second last day, she wanted a full tiger costume, and now I'm sorry, I didn't paint it for her. Its always after the fact, that you wish you did something nice for some one, you dont get to see very often.

Finally on blue Monday, we paid our bills and headed back to Austin for the trip home, What a holiday, sitting in the sun, volleyball playing, soaking in the hottub, jello pop parties, water gun fights, more setting in the sun.

I now have freckles in places, I never had them before. And the best part of my trip was, the week I spent at the Star Ranch, was the worst week of storms southern Ontario saw all winter. For us, in the NetNude Group, it was 80f in the day and 60f at night while back at home our friends shivered and shook under a blanket of wet snow and icey conditions.

My best memory was, being one of the first people to swim in the pool, when it opened for the first time in 2003. I waded in the pool, and shivered from the fridged Texas water temperature, making faces like kee kee krips its cold knowing full well, the waters of Lake Ontario, are colder than that on the hottest days of summer. I'm a Canadian, we drink cold beer on cold days and hot coffee on hot days. A little cold water in the pool will be just like at home.

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