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This report is brought to you by Ron ( Ron2 on message board).

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NetNude Gathering Report 2003 at
Star Ranch Resort in Texas

April 2003

The worst thing, other than the weekend ending too quickly on daylight saving time weekend, was that the only place to get good cellphone reception is on the picnic table next to the satellite dish. This, of course, is beyond anyone's control but it was the only odd thing I could think of.

10 memorable things.

1. free-for-all water gun fights.

2. JanC hanging out next to RobD and his camera, made off limits because of said camera.

3. Playing beach ball volleyball until we broke a light.

4. Jellopops.

5. The blues stylings of DavidB.

6. the professional job done by Naturalradio. Always a gentleman and respectful of people's space.

7. My wife, DP, getting an award for originality when she sang her song of thanks at Karaoke, acapella.

8. Doing "YMCA" in a conga line, (not as easy as it sounds.)

9. Beachgoer dancing with a circle of women and showing his excellent command of the fast tango.

10. Last, but not least, JanC a neverending source of energy constantly keeping things going and bring all of us together.

My only regret is that I didn't sing. I thought about it but I couldn't get AC/DC's "Shook Me" out of my head and it wasn't on the playlist. Maybe, next time, I'll bring one of my guitars and get the stuck thing out of my head so that I can get on to other songs.

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