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Star Ranch, Austin, Texas.

October 2001

Where to find a nudist resort because the one in San Antonia would not allow visitors after 5 P.M? I would have been there in plenty of time, but was given incorrect directions. So I left from San Antonio on Sunday at 7 P.M.

Some friends of mine from the club I belong to had been to Star Ranch when they traveled to Texas. So, on what they told me about the place, I desired to go there. I was looking for McDade on the map; I knew that it was very close to Austin, so I knew where to look on the map. The resort was not that hard to find; after getting to McDade I went to the Post Office to ask directions. There I met this gal who spoke a mile a minute, but gave me directions to Star Ranch. I went the wrong way, so I went back to the Post Office, and drove over the train tracks like the directions told me to go. Within 10 minutes I was going through the gate, and went to the office where I met Mindy. She was happy to see me, and welcomed me letting me know that she was expecting me from an email that I sent her from my cell phone.

Once inside I was given a tour of the grounds. There were a lot of trails to walk, and two swimming pools, (one was outdoors and too cold to use in mid Oct.) a clubhouse where the indoor pool, and the huge hot tub are. I spent a lot of time alone in the indoor pool, and hot tub.

There were very few people there, mostly the residents, because it was cold there, so there was lots of time to enjoy the peace and quiet such a place can offer.

The walking trails are another place that I spent a lot of time. They have about 125 acres of land, and I walked most of them. The weather was great for walking; being from a colder climate than Texas it was like early spring to me.

The office is located in the clubhouse. The lodge is located about 500 feet from the clubhouse. They have a T.V. room there also, and I spent most of my evenings, and late nights watching the T.V. as I relaxed nude and very comfortably.

One night one of the locals asked me to play darts with her, so I joined her in a night of playing darts. I am okay, but she played in tournaments, so she won every game we played, but I wasn’t easy to beat.

The grounds are very rustic and woodsy; the air crisp and clean. It was the first resort that I had ever gone to at that point. So running outside nude was new to my body. I enjoyed the sun and the cool breeze caressing my body, I felt so alive.

There are lots of cabins, and a mobile home for rent and ownership there. I would sight see while trail walking, and take in the beauty of this haven for wholesome nudity.

I meet very few people while I was there but the folks I met were very friendly, you know about that southern hospitality.

I am strongly anticipating my return to Star Ranch; this was the place that I had in mind when I suggested to Jan C that we go the Texas next year, at the 2002 NetNude Gathering.

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