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Stewart Mineral Springs, California, Report.



Stewart Mineral Springs, 4617 Stewart Springs Road, Weed, California 96094.


(Not rated).


On the way to Bellingham, Washington to catch the ferry for Alaska, in the warm glow of 14,000+ foot high Mount Shasta, we ran encountered a lovely, quiet retreat called Stewart Mineral Springs with newly expanded clothing optional use. Ordinarily, we don't visit places with artificially heated water, but in this case, it was natural mineral water that was being heated and once we saw the inspiring view of majestic Mount Shasta, smiling down in all directions, we just had to stop and bask in that warmth. Later we learned that Shasta isn't visible from the springs proper, but the place was so nice, it made little difference; the warmth was still there.

Phoning ahead, as we always advise, we learned that Stewart was open to walk in guests and that clothing was not needed in the sauna, the hot mineral water baths, on the large sun deck with outside mineral water shower, or in the cleansing creek that was so cold, still being fed by snow melt in mid June, about all we immersed in it was the tips of our fingers.

We enjoyed individual soaks in spotless tubs, large enough for one, that are never treated with chemicals because they're drained and refilled for each new use. Heated mineral water, along with cold mineral water, comes out of conventional bath tub fixtures, allowing bathers to make the water temperature just right and also to vary it between hot and cold, because there's so much water pressure on both the hot and cold sides. In between short soaks, we went in the large wood fired sauna where everyone was nude, and also sampled the fresh air outside on the sun deck, also a great place for star gazing.

Both staff and guests at Stewart were all mellow and laid back and we felt very much at home. The gourmet veggie (and a bit of non veggie) restaurant, open limited hours, serves mouth watering food we really liked. Tipis, lodging rooms, a 10 person community house, tent sites, and dry camping are available; people with rigs longer than 30 feet might want to consult with staff ahead time regarding a spot for their unit. We slept in a 19 foot van not far from the roaring creek; the lovely sounds were our lullaby.

For reasons not known to us, bathers are required to "cover up" in the short hallway leading from the sauna and baths to the sun deck.

Open all year at 3,900 feet elevation, meaning real winter is possible, so plan accordingly. Available for individuals, seminars, or groups. Various spa services and massage available, as are occasional sweat lodges.

In Hot Water,
Camilla & Bill

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