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Stratton and Bourn Ponds, Green Mountain State, Vermont


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From the Daniel Webster Memorial Acre in the Green Mountain, Vermont National Forest, either drive to the end of Branch Pond Road and hike north for 1.9 mi. to Bourn Pond or park at the well marked crossing of the Long and Appalachian Trails 1.7 mi. west of The Acre and hike 3 mi. north to Stratton Pond. A litter free area with your help.


Five Moons And Then Some

Stratton and Bourn Ponds in the Green Mountain National Forest are more remote than Branch Pond, accessible only by hiking, therefore offering idyllic peace, quiet, and privacy.

Bring what you need. 5 camping trail shelters are located around these ponds in case of severe weather; we've seen (short-lived) snow here in August. Bourn and Stratton are 2 miles apart and are each 1 mile by 1/2 mile. Bringing an inflatable watercraft to Bourn adds another dimension to the quiet enjoyment of this area; there are 3 good sized islands in the pond. The sunrises are particularly inspiring and the daytime alignment to the sun offers maximum opportunities for total tanning.

Here, the Appalachian and Long Trails meet, divide, meet again, and then divide again, with the Appalachian touching most of the mountain peaks and the Long taking a slightly easier way. Many mountaintop vistas providing 4 state views.

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