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Sunny Rest Lodge, Pennsylvania

Summer of 1998

First of all, let me say that my boyfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed our stay last summer at Sunny Rest.

It is, in many respects, the finest resort in the Northeast - or at least one of the finest. The rooms are first class, the people are friendly, the nightlife is electric.

There are two outstanding tennis courts, as good as any in the country. There is a brand new fitness center that needs only a "real" stairmaster and rowing machine to be first class.

For couples, it offers an ideal weekend. For singles, I would not recommend it but that's from my observation only. Single men do not seem to have a good time there, unless they are the regulars who live there and know people. Guys, take my advice: Please bring a woman in from the outside. You will have a much better time. Don't look for a woman in the resort. They are all hooked up and really not looking for a single guy. Any guy who looks decent and keeps himself in good shape, is a nice person and has minimal social skills should be able to convince a woman to go to a resort. But you guys have to make the effort to meet that woman on the outside, wine and dine her for a few months, get her to like you and then drop the question. It's an investment that's worth it. Just ask my boyfriend. That's my sermon for the day.

Back to Sunny Rest: The management really is terrific. It's obvious they are in business to make money and they realize the only way to make money is to keep you coming back. They are very nice. The only thing I would change is the nightclub. We have been to several resorts: Birch Acres (now Berkshire Vistas), Avalon and Paradise Lakes. They all do a tremendous job at making all those who want to dance naked feel free to do so. At Sunny Rest, they allow nudity but they also allow the crowd to dictate the dress. I think the management to take a more proactive stance to not only allow nudity in the nightclub but encourage it.

My suggestion: Have, like Paradise, a bare-as-you-dare night and give prizes to the most naked couple or most naked single woman. There could be a tie there, but that could be broken by how many dances that couple or single woman dances totally nude. Make it a fun thing. At Paradise, Fred Bischoff accomplished the same thing by stopping the music and giving free drinks to anyone dancing nude. That wouldn't work at SRL because it's a BYOB place. That's my two cents. It might be worth just that, but Sunny Rest would really be like Paradise in more ways than one if everyone felt free to dance naked.

Another thing: They close the nightclub at 1 on Friday night/Saturday morning. What's up with that? We observed a good deal of the Friday night disco crowd arriving between 11 and midnight. Just when it starts getting fun, it's over. That one extra hour to two on Friday night means so much. That's something that can be implemented right away. We enjoy Avalon a little more because of the totally nude dances. We always go back once a summer to see if things change at Sunny Rest. We will, I promise, go back if it becomes more of a totally nude resort rather than a daytime nude resort. We certainly hope that happens this summer. Also, the disco is electric. If they ever pull the plug on that electricity, they are messing with what made Sunny Rest great in the first place.

So far, the place is still electric to us. We will go back with hopes that it gets better with age.

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