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Sunsport Gardens, Florida, Report

February, 2002.

I have just returned from four days at Sunsport Gardens in Florida.

I can only say it was great. The grounds are clean and the people are great. I tented and when I arrived on Sunday night, 02/10/2002, it was pouring. The area received a months normal rain in one day. Since it was dark and raining Morley, one of the owners, graciously allowed me to sleep in the TV room. This is strictly against the rules but due to the conditions they broke that rule. I must tell you I was very glad they did.

The next day, Monday, the weather was a little better and I got the tent up. Most of the day I sat at the pool, dry sauna and the hot tub, all spotless. I rested and enjoyed conversation with members that shared valuable information about the nudist life and the club with me. Tues. was even nicer. More sun and great conversation. Wed. was the highlight of my stay. I am a semi-professional photographer, free-lance, and Morley asked if I had my equipment with me. Since I had photographed a wedding on Sunday of course I did. No self respecting photographer is ever without a camera or two. Morley asked if I would photograph three weddings that were to be held on Wed. You know I said yes.

A local radio station, BUZZ 103.1, had ran a contest where people could get married at Sunsport for free if they would do it in the nude. Four couples won and three showed up. There were two traditional couples and one alternative couple. They were all beautiful, excited and scared. The people at the resort got up at 0600 to be there when the radio station started it's live broadcast. The wedding was at 0815 and the weather was great. A female nudist, Notary Republic, married the three couples and then all remained at the resort for fun in the sun. I spoke with all three couples who stated that they were unsure of what to expect but, all three said they were pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed themselves. They were surprised and thankful that they were not treated as a spectacle but as an honored guest. All three said they would like to return for another visit. I hope some of the pictures will make the nudist magazines so all can enjoy the event.

On Thursday I had to leave Sunsport to return to Charlotte. I can assure all that I will return. There is one thing I have left out that I think is very important. The food, Deb and Willie run a kitchen that rivals the best restaurants anywhere. There is nothing I can say that would do the job they do justice. If you attend please plan on eating. You will not regret it.

In summation I give the entire resort a five star rating.

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