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This report is brought to you by Randy and Alice.

Tanque Verde Canyon, Tucson

October, 1998

Alice and I left for Tanque Verde Canyon on a beautiful Tucson Friday morning. A half hour later, we arrived at what proved to be one of the best kept secrets in the world of naturism. The easiest part was getting there. We simply drove east on Tanque Verde Road all the way to the end, up the mountain and stopped at the Upper Trail sign about 2 miles from the entrance.

After a very picturesque hike down the trail, we stopped for a rest at the bottom of the canyon at the falls. Well, at times there is a waterfall there, but not this time of the year. There are several small pools scattered here and there back through the canyon and if one were so inclined, one could slip into a very cold pool to cool off. For a week day there were at least twenty or so nude sunbathers and hikers along the trail back to where my wife and I found a fairly nice sized pool and that is where we stayed and sunned our naked bodies for the next two hours.

Things that I would recommend for an adventure there are good hiking or climbing shoes, plenty of water, and make sure that there is no rain in the area. I returned the following day, Saturday, and there seemed to be three times as many people there, including families, and there were more on the way as I was leaving. Alice and I are planning on returning Friday morning and Saturday as well. She enjoys the beautiful desert scenery as much as being nude in nature.

Randy and Alice,
Naked in the desert.

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