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Tecopah Hot Springs.

October 1998.

It was my good fortune to hear about this free public facility just after leaving Death Valley when I was only a few miles away. I had stopped at a small market for some fruit and soft drinks where I met a young couple who were bicycling around the USA. I shared some experience with them on road conditions in Death Valley and they in turn told me about Tecopah where they'd spent most of that day.

What a pleasant surprise! The surrounding area is nothing to crow about but the springs are very well maintained and they're open 24hrs.

I took my first bath in the early evening in the company of several retired gentlemen of friendly demeanor and then parked my camper in a free area a few miles northwest where the two lane highways intersect.

After sleeping deeply for about seven hours I awoke at about 4AM and decided to return for a second visit. I was the first to arrive and enjoyed the meditative stillness of the early hour deeply, imagining how the native people who first used the springs might well have done in their time.

This is a fine spring but it is old fashioned and Spartan. The free 24hr access is a great benefit to one like myself who travels according to intuitive impressions as much as the aim to visit any particular place.

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