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Terra Cotta Inn, California, USA

October 1998.

It was after dark when we arrived at Terra Cotta Inn, but we were warmly welcome by our hosts, Mary Clare and Tom and quickly shown our room and invited to join in at the hot tub where some other guests were enjoying the warm water, chatting and watching the stars overhead.

We awoke to the sun shining and began our very much needed relaxing by having an excellent Continental breakfast served in the foyer.

The first morning we totally relaxed by the pool where the sun quickly went from warm to hot and the cooling of the misters were welcomed.

There were many guests who like us just enjoyed the wonderful warm sunshine and chatting to our fellow guests who came from different areas of the U.S. and Canada.

One thing we noticed was everyone spoke much more freely to each other than I had noticed at any of the clothed resorts, on cruise ships or at hotels, I guess it was because we were all nude.

Our stay was only for two days but we are already looking forward to our next visit which I can guarantee you will be longer than two days.

We had excellent accommodations, beautiful surroundings, wonderful hosts and very much enjoyed out short stay at Terra Cotta Inn.

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