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Tollgate Falls, Green Mountain State, Vermont, Report.



The directions Johanna Moore & Lee Baxandall gave us were spot on, so we're sure they won't mind us repeating. From the intersection of US 7 and Vermont Rts. 11 & 30, head away from Manchester, Northeast on Rt 30, for 2.4 miles. Turn left on Tollgate Road at the sign for Mistral's Restaurant (good food!), then make a quick right on a short gravel road Park, follow the inviting sound of the falls down the path, and ENJOY!




We're compunuding this from just across the road; see Lye Brook Falls. Ah, Vermont! "With a free beach in every other town", we used to say; some towns have MORE than one nude area, and quaint Manchester is one of many so blessed. We're wondering at this point just how many totally accepted natural spots we'll come up with in The Green Mountain State before the Nomad Odyssey no longer lives; between NUDISK I and II, we currently have a total of 36 areas and the list grows all the time.

Next to Lye Brook, also in Manchester, Tollgate Falls on Bromley Brook (of ski area fame, also home to the world's oldest and longest Alpine Slide for which Bromley has a patent; they also have a LONG water slide), Tollgate Falls is the nude area closest to the center of a major town that's known to we Nomads. Thinking of it now, compuNuding at SUNAIR HEALTH CLUB in blissful nude peace, hearing the songs of dozens of birds, if walking time were taken into consideration, Tollgate Falls would probably be as close to Manchester as Lye Brook Falls, but the point is hardly worth debating; the plain, glorious truth is that Vermont is a skinnydipper's PARADISE! In Vermont, skinnydippin' ain't a moral issue; in fact, no issue is made of it at all because in The Green Mountain State it's a BIRTHRIGHT.

We'd known about this area since the early 80's, but we were having so much fun at Lye Brook and other areas that we never seemed to find the time to check it out. Finally, on August 18, 1992, Johanna Moore & Lee Baxandall learned of it from a woman who is a judge in Vermont and paid a visit, thereby shaming us into finally taking the time to go ourselves. Quoting them, "The flumes, granite slabs for sunning, tumbling white water, natural tubs and pools amid birches and pines--it's a classical Vermont skinny-dipping experience, eight minutes from Manchester, 20 seconds from Rt. 30.

Just east lies the Green Mountain National Forest." with hundreds of miles of nude hiking opportunities and more hundreds of nuding spots in remote waterfalls, brooks, and ponds because at the point referred to by Johanna & Lee, the Appalachian and Long Trails both cross Rts. 11 & 30. Head in either direction and one will be in Nekkist Heaven. Going north will lead one to Big Branch Brook and Little Rock Pond, both established and very remote nude areas. Going south will lead one to Branch Pond, Downer Glen, Grout Pond, and the utterly incomparable Somerset Reservoir. Tell us, albeit it's not a long season, that Naturists don't have it MADE in Vermont.

Parking at Tollgate is limited and the area itself can't accommodate lots of people, so if the spaces are full go back to 11 & 30 and skip over to Lye Brook Falls; it's only about five minutes back down the road and there's lots of parking there and a two mile long string of cataracts! The upper portion is directly below Rts. 11 & 30, making it clearly visible from the highway, but then, this is Vermont, so it's little concern to us, really, though others may feel differently. The traffic goes by so fast, few would see any natural people in the water or on the rocks and fewer yet would care. There's virtually no foot traffic on that section of road. Total privacy may be found at the bottom of the flume because a ledge creates a very nice natural screen.

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