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NOTE: these are OLD reports and are probably out of date.

o Barton Creek greenbelt, Austin, Report. May 2001. This is a trail along a creek in Austin, Texas. The creek generally only runs during the springtime after it has rained. Unfortunately, it is usually a dry creek bed by July. There are spots along the creek which have traditionally been used nude, although that has dwindled somewhat in recent years. To bring back nude use, the Hill Country Nudists, a travel club affiliated with both the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) and The Naturist Society (TNS) sponsored several hikes and skinny-dips early on Sunday mornings during late April, May and early June. I joined in on one of these. Unfortunately, there were only three of us. Fortunately, there were three of us! One each from Houston, San Antonio and Austin. The hike in (clothed) was a very pleasant 45 minute stroll. Along the way, the Austinite pointed out several interesting geological features, including a spring flowing out of a rock wall. When we got to our destination, a spot known as Sculpture Falls, there were several clothed people enjoying the water. We forded the creek to the opposite bank, put down our stuff, got nude, and dove in. The water was perfect, somewhere in the high 70s. The air temp was probably in the mid to upper 80s by this time. Due to the water flowing through rocks in the creek, there are pockets which are like little tubs. In other spots, the water is squeezed through and the light white water effect is similar to a natural jacuzzi. The water was quite deep in various spots. The three of us enjoyed this spot for several hours, during which we were joined by one other nudist. As for the clothed folks, they didn't seem to give us any notice one way or the other. As always, when the time came for me to head home, it was a drag to get dressed. Thanks Bill(TX) for the report.
o Bluebonnet Resort Report. Summer 2000. After buying our first RV from a private owner in southern Texas, we had decided to take a few days getting back to Colorado. After checking the NetNude list of locations, we found that Bluebonnet Resort was right on our way (on US 287 that runs from Amarillo to Ft. Worth.) I had E-mailed for reservations and Steve Moss was expecting us. In fact, as we have been tied up with business matters and a death in the immediate family, we have been out of the "loop", unable to take our usual two weeks a year at Paradise. So when Steve came out to open the gate, wearing the "uniform of the day" - nothing - it was a breath of fresh air!... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.) Thanks Dale and Kayo for the report.
o Bolivar/McFaddin Beach Report. September 2005. My wife and I are new to nudism. I had done some skinny dipping in my teen years but since haven't been nude in public at all. My wife is very shy and since having children and gaining a bit of wieght is very self conscious of her body (I still think she's beautiful). Anyway, we've been working on an old house we bought and the summer has been very hot. I started working in the nude trying to beat the heat here on the gulf coast and found it to be very comfortable and the best way to go. My wife came over one day and found me cooling off in the back yard and decided to join me... (click link to read the rest of the report.)
o Bolivar Beach Report. November 1998. Last week, I visited Bolivar Beach, located on the Bolivar Peninsula between Houston and Port Arthur, Texas. For those of you who are not familiar with this location, the beach is isolated as the result of storms that washed out access roads some years ago. It is now an ideal beach for nudists to visit, since no one "accidentally" visits there... (click link to read the rest of the report.)
o Bolivar United Naturist Society (BUNS) Report. September 2004. Bolivar United Naturist Society is no longer in existence. I used to be a member of B.U.N.S. The B.U.N.S. president and his wife said that running this club took up so much of their time and that they wanted to spend more time with their family. It was a great club- a nice mix of couples, families, and singles. I had some great friendships with members of this group. Thanks texasnudist for the report.
o Chinati Hot Springs, Ruidosa Texas, Report. December 2002. In the extreme lower left portion of west Texas is what I can only describe as a bit of heaven on earth. Flowing out of the ground at 109 degrees F is the most incredible water that you could possibly soak in. Chinati Hot Springs, a beautiful rustic oasis at the end of a box canyon in the Chihuahuan desert,taps this nectar of Mother Earth and diverts it into two indoor bath houses and an outside tub. The waters contain a plethora of trace minerals including lithium which makes your skin as smooth as silk. It is truly therapuetic... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o Hippie Hollow. November 2003. On a recent visit to Austin (two weeks ago), Barb and I had the chance to revisit Hippie Hollow during mid-week. It was cloudy, but the air temp was still quite warm (mid eighties) and the water temp in the mid seventies. We both took a swim but Barb stayed in the longest as the water was just a little too cool for me; but it was nice nonetheless seeing as our NE outdoor nude season ended at Labor Day. There were quite a few people there for mid week we thought. We set our towels out near two women and a gentleman and had some nice conversation throughout the afternoon. I believe they were all members of the Hill Country Nudists. Anyway, very nice folks and we enjoyed talking to them. The hot topic seemed to be the recent price increase and the way Travis county went about implementing it. We didn't see any gawkers like the last time we were there except for the occasional sailboat coming right up to the buoys and checking things out. It really is funny to watch. The gentleman mentioned above has his binoculars with him and he just looks back at the people on the boats looking at us. When they see him looking back at them they leave lol. Just kind of amusing. Anyway, we had a great afternoon and when we go back to Austin we look forward to a nice relaxing day at 'The Hollow'. Thanks Joe for the report.
o Hippie Hollow -- near Austin, Texas. 2000. Late august and early september of 1999. A couple of weeks ago, my wife & I spent the day at Hippie Hollow, a clothing-optional public park outside of Austin, Texas. The park is on one bank of a huge lake, Lake Travis, and is one of the prettiest spots in Texas. It was a gorgeous day. Not too hot (for a change), nor too humid. Hippie Hollow has a bad lingering reputation for gawkers. While there are still some, usually late in the day, I have not noticed nearly as many in the last year as in previous years. The crowd (which depending on the time of year and day of week can vary from the dozens to the thousands over the 1.5 miles of shore front) is mostly nude, but there were many wearing something, including top free women wearing bikini bottoms or thongs... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o Hippie Hollow (1997) is northwest of Austin in Travis County - McGregor Park (1997)... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o Lake Texoma Report - North Texas. 1999. For those coming or traveling through North Texas. Lake Texoma is on the Oklahoma/Texas line. One of the largest lakes in the United States. North of Dallas on highway 75 is called "the Dallas Side", meaning lots of people with big boats whom only extend their materialistic lifestyle from the suburbs to the lake..but, if you look at a map, you can go North of Whitesboro, between Gainesville and Sherman, will find the more relaxed and real life of the west end of Lake Texoma..the Oklahoma side has the sand beaches...go west of the "Willis Bridge" north of Whitesboro onto the Oklahoma Side and drive west anywhere five to six miles and down to Lake Texoma..find a will come by, but seldom.. you can see them and others from a long distance.... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.) Thanks Jerry for the report.
o Lake Travis, outside of Austin, Texas. May 2002 Forgive me for bragging about a wonderful day I had the other day at Lake Travis, outside of Austin. I had the day off, the weather was hot, the sun was shining, and my family was away for the day. I was off to Hippie Hollow, Texas' only clothing-optional public park. (There are several location reports on this website, including one written a few years ago by me.) The water was quite refreshing on such a hot day. Though I had been content reading a magazine (Hippie Hollow was once described by an Austin newspaper as having an atmosphere such as an outdoor library would have), while I was in the water I struck up a conversation with several other folks who had located their towels near mine. This sociality continued once we returned to dry land. Though it was most enjoyable, after two and a half hours, I decided to get going, least my all-over tan turn into an all-over burn! Once in my car, I headed for another county park on Lake Travis, Pace Bend Park. This park is made up of numerous coves, one of which, Gracy Cove, has a history of nude use, though that seems to have fallen off over the last decade. I've decided to try to reverse the tide. (Early last autumn, my family camped there. Our camp site was a bit remote and did not see much traffic, so we used it nude. In addition, we freely skinny-dipped, though mostly (but not exclusively!) after dark.) Anyway, when I arrived, I saw no other cars. As I had only a towel wrapped around me on my drive from Hippie Hollow, I just climbed down to the water. Seeing no other people, I dropped the towel & just jumped in. The water here was just as good as at Hippie Hollow, and since it was late afternoon, there was shade over the water. Once in the water, I did see that there was another person there. In an effort to on the one hand mark my territory so to speak for nude use, but on the other hand try to not offend by my nudity, I swam to the furthest point in the cove, got out, & climbed on the rocks. I figure the other person had to have known I was nude since at this point I was in the sun, and I could make out that he was wearing shorts. He looked my way, then back to his book. Later he got in the water, then got out & continued reading. No other perceptible reaction. After a little while, three college aged (I'm guessing) couples came down to the lake. Same thing. No one seemed at all put off by my nude swimming, climbing, and (since it was much later in the afternoon) sunning. All in all, a great day! Thanks Bill(TX) for the report.
o Live Oak Ranch Report. September 2004. I was told that the owner of Live Oak (Larry) announced at the SWSA meeting awhile back that he wanted to make his place - Live Oak - a lifestyles resort - i.e conducive to coupled swingers. Since that time I am told Larry has made his resort as such. As far as I know he no longer has an AANR affiliation. It's sad, Live Oak was a fine facility - my first social nudist experience. I recommend nudes to go to Lone Star resort - fairly close. The owners used to be members of Live Oak. The owners also take nudes out for scuba diving - naturist sig. Natural Horisun nudist resort was formed by former live oak members who left because Larry raised their trailer lots rates at Live Oak - among other reasons - so I am told. Thanks texasnudist for the report.
o Lone Star Resort Report. 2005. Hey, everyone! I had a delightful adventure yesterday. Another MSN group I belong to, the Southeast Texas Nudist and Naturist Society, had a get-together at Lone Star Resort near Navasota. The missus, Jean, checked out their website and agreed to make a day trip with our daughter Celina. At the last minute, our friend Brenda, decided to go along with us. (Her husband, Ron, is my best buddy and is the world's leading hater of clothes. They are ones who helped me out of the closets closet.) Saturday morning we loaded up the car and headed out. After circling by Jack-In-The-Box for cholestoral on a bun, away we went... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o Lone Star Resort Report. May 2005. Recently I visited a great nudist resort. It's located south east of Navasota, Texas. It is clothing optional. The owners (the Feltons) are great, gracious hosts. When you are near their property you know you are almost there when you see a Giant Texas Star next to the road. They have a large swimming pool with a lounging area -sun and shade, they have a texas-sized hot tub, they have a beautiful bathhouse with marble showers and sinks, an outdoor pavilion with sound system and a wet bar, screened food and game pavilion, professional grade volleyball court with outdoor shower, water fountain, and viewing deck, two petanque courts, pond with fishing pier (you keep what you catch - it's stocked), paddle boats, children's playground, campfire ring with seating area, tent camping sites are available, overnight RV sites are available with 30 amp electric and water. Coming soon - permanent RV and mobile home sites! I went up there on a Sunday and Mrs. Felton personally gave me a tour of the grounds. She is a great host. I met some great nudes there that day. I would highly recommend anyone to visit this new, fine facility. It's paradise on earth. Their website is I hope to get a membership there in the near future. Lone Star is singles friendly: If you want to go to Lone Star as a group, Mrs. Felton will give you a reduced rate on the gate fee .:) It doesn't get any better than that my friends. Thanks texasnudist for the report.
o Lost Leg Club Report. September 2004. Lost Leg Club used to be a hunting lodge - over the years. They tried to get it going as a nudist resort. I met my nudist friend there shortly after they opened. They wanted horse riding trails, a golf course, and they had a few fishing ponds stocked with fish. They also put in a small pool/hot tub and the "lodge" had sleeping accomodations. I was told that someone decided to commit arson (a member) and burned the lodge down. After that the grand plans of Lost Leg literally went up in smoke. After that Lost Leg never recovered and it never became a nudist resort after that. As of now I don't know what happened to that property. Lost leg didn't have any other permanent buildings on site just trailers from nudes who used to be members of Ponderosa Trails, what was to be later called BB's Hideaway members and some nudists from northern Louisiana. Thanks texasnudist for the report.
o North Padre Island National Seashore Trip Report (near Corpus Christi). May 2003. My wife and I just got back (May 2003) from a glorious 3 days nude at the beach at North Padre Island National Seashore, about 20 minutes SE of Corpus Christi, TX. There's a 5 mile stretch there called "North Beach" that's closed to motor vehicles; it does have a bit of trash and seaweed that washes up, but is still a beautiful place to spend the day at the beach. Itís really nice for those beginners to nude sunbathing-- it's VERY isolated and secluded, and so excellent for even the modest to lose their tanlines. One whole day (a weekday) we only had 2 people walk past- one of them a man (nude), the other an older beach-comber woman who saw us, just smiled, waved, and kept beachcombing. There were several other couples some distance away (1/4 mile?), but they were just close enough that we could tell they were also enjoying the beach "au naturel."... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o North Padre Island -- near Corpus Christi, Texas. 2000. Late august and early september of 1999. This past Sunday we took the kids to Padre Island National Seashore for some nude beachcombing and surf frolicking. Again, the weather was great. This was not more than 20 miles from where Hurricane Brett had come ashore, but we did not see any damage. To the contrary, the beach was cleaner than when we last visited in late June. All the dead seaweed was gone. Unlike Hippie Hollow, which gets heavily populated, this stretch of beach is fairly remote. We only saw a handful or so of other people. (On other trips we've seen maybe 20 people at most.) There was a runner in shorts & shirt who kind of slowed down passing us.... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.) Thanks Bill(TX) for the report.
o The Ponderosa Resort Report. 2001. My wife and I are new to nudism and were ready to take that first step of visiting a resort. While surfing the net we found The Ponderosa Resort, a new resort being built in east TX. We called and talked to Eric and Rita, the owners of the resort. They invited us out for a day. When we arrived everyone we met were friendly and went out of their way to show us around but still let us have time to sit back and enjoy the resort. The pool, hot tub, bathhouse were very nice. After having such a nice entry into public nudism we decided to join the resort. If you have not tried this resort, you are missing a really nice place and a great bunch of people. Thanks Mike and Sherri for the report.
o Star Ranch - 2003 NetNude Gathering Reports. April 2003. This Gathering was held at the Star Ranch Resort near Austin/Dallas, Texas. Reports by mjc, phoonist, Mikey, Ron, Bill... (click people's names to read their reports.)
o The Sahnoans at Star Ranch Report. October 2001 Where to find a nudist resort because the one in San Antonia would not allow visitors after 5 P.M? I would have been there in plenty of time, but was given incorrect directions. So I left from San Antonio on Sunday at 7 P.M. Some friends of mine from the club I belong to had been to Star Ranch when they traveled to Texas. So, on what they told me about the place, I desired to go there. I was looking for McDade on the map; I knew that it was very close to Austin, so I knew where to look on the map. The resort was not that hard to find; after getting to McDade I went to the Post Office to ask directions. There I met this gal who spoke a mile a minute, but gave me directions to Star Ranch. I went the wrong way, so I went back to the Post Office, and drove over the train tracks like the directions told me to go. Within 10 minutes I was going through the gate, and went to the office where I met Mindy. She was happy to see me, and welcomed me letting me know that she was expecting me from an email that I sent her from my cell phone... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o Sandpipers Resort Report. February 2004. This report is the third in a series of three reports by Dave and Judy. The series is called: "As the Crows Fly". Their trailer site name is 'The Crows' and they have a trailer at the New Forest Resort just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We found the desert and the mountains of Southern Arizona the most intriguing area of our travels. One spot you really must experience is the hot springs in Tonopah, Arizona - We continue our journey towards Edinburg, Texas... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o Sandpipers Resort Report. March 2002. Last weekend my wife and I spent a couple days at the Sandpipers resort in Edinburg Texas. Very friendly staff, and for the most part the people were too. They didn't go out of their way to approach us to talk, I think this had to do with the fact that most were living there for several months during the winter and we were just visitors and about 20 years younger on average (we're 40). The facilities were nice, good pool and big hot tub. Everything was clean and well maintained, lots of activities. We will return, but probably with another couple closer to our age and with similar interest. The rental units were OK, had everything needed and were clean. No dining at resort, but plenty of options not too far away (just hate to get dressed). Thanks Jeff and Deb for the report.
o South Padre Island. 2003. We visited South Padre Island in October 2003, and actually didn't go far enough to find the nude beach like it was described earlier by another visitor. We will be there in March 2004 again and will find it now. Anyway we took off our clothes a few miles before the nude beach started and had the same experience like others before. Just a few cars came by, one stopped... we had a great enjoying time, even though the beach wasn't that clean!!!! We are Sylvia & Uwe, a German couple living in El Paso. (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o South Padre Island Nude Beach Report. 2000. My wife and I were looking for a nude beach location last month (August, 2000) in our home state of Texas. I found a few references online to a sanctioned nude beach north of the resort town of South Padre Island, TX. The reviews and articles were somewhat dated, so we were skeptical. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the reports were correct; there is a long stretch of beach about 15-20 miles north of the town of South Padre Island where nudity is tolerated... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)
o South Texas Coast Report. July, 2000. Karen and I went to the coastal bend area of Texas for a short visit via automobile. The biggest challenge is getting there down the international speedway known as IS 35 that runs from DFW area through Austin and San Antonio area then off on IS 37 to the Corpus Christi area. We had made inquiries regarding visiting the nudist clubs on the way down and staying if room was available, but was overruled by Karen she wanted to stay on the beach and made reservations at a hotel on north padre island for a couple of nights.... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.) Thanks Paul and Karen for the report.
o Wildwood Naturist's Resort, Texas, Report. 2004. I had to spend a few weeks in Dallas last year on business. The first was in February and I found it to be quite pleasant compared to the weather back home in Philadelphia that week. I walked to work in shirt sleeve weather whilst my son was back home shoveling snow. On my return in June I had to lay over the weekend and decided to look for a nudist club to visit. I was actually unaware of the number of possibilities in the Dallas area that are available. Several are within an easy drive of Dallas and my problem was to find one that would take an unaccompanied married man for a day visit... (click preceding link to read the rest of the report.)

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