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Valley View Hot Springs Resort Report.

August 2004

Five miles south of Villa Grove CO lies Valley View Hot Springs. It is part of the Orient Land Trust, a non-profit group dedicated to saving the land from development. Seven miles from the main highway and at least 300 feet above the valley floor, Valley View offers 7 hot springs to soak in. The grounds are "Clothing Optional" and the management is nudist friendly. The main bath house has excellent facilities and is next to the sauna house with water fountain and the largest of the hot spring pools. It being a manmade 10 by 20 foot by 8 foot deep pool. Adjacent to the large pool is an 8 foot diameter by 2 foot deep pool that is heated to 106 degrees, where the natural pools range from 96 to 103 degrees farenheight. Trails next to the small pool take you up the hillside to the remaining 5 pools and as high as 9000 foot in elevation. Another bath house is available as well as a bunkhouse and 10 camping sites. There is room for small RV’s near the bunkhouse. Electric is available if you have a long enough extension cord from where your tent is. Hiking trails are available for exercise. There is a bat cave and a nightly watch as the bats leave the cave. It is best to make reservations by calling. Please make reservations before arrival; they may be full and not able to accept visitors.

The Good:

All pools have crystal clear odorless mineral water. The place is very nudist friendly. There seem to be a group of nice regulars. The view from the upper springs is breathtaking. We tented on one of the higher spots and I watched a stoplight in Buena Vista change from red to green, over 30 miles away. We watched a storm approach the next day from the western ridge, it took an hour and we watched the rain as it crept across the valley. We saw plenty of wildlife including; Mule Deer, Jackrabbits, bats, and heard coyotes from a way off. The hiking trails are sure to give you a workout. The scenery is spectacular. Don't forget the sun block, at 9000 feet you can burn quickly.

The Bad:

A little pricey. Tenting for 2 was 48 bucks. The pools had a lot of algae. The upper pools were all rock and gravel. Like all clothing optional places, it draws undesirables and we had a couple trying to convert people to swinging.


My fiancée and I gave the following ratings. For Family-ness, a general indicator of the kid-friendly and family oriented-ness of the group, we gave a 5. For Posh-ness, an indication of the “nice clean and neat” and "carpet/Astroturf everywhere, with waiters" we gave a 5. For Amenity-ness, or the amount of things available to do, we gave a 4 as they could have more to do there. Overall we gave the place a 5. But remember, it’s a hot springs, not a resort, so as hot springs go, it was fairly nice, say a 7 overall.

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