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2005. A good example of an area where the wonderful waters flow at several temperatures, Verde is THE spring of choice for many. Besides offering pools from 104 down to 98 degrees, Verde even has small indoor soaking pools and a cave with a nice 104 degree pool. The outdoor pool is up to six feet deep--great!

Native Americans, knowing the healing powers of the magic waters maintained a sanitarium there for a long time, originally naming it Indian Cure Springs. Many a person who thought they were on their death bed went, were cured, and lived for a long time thereafter. Claimed as an A-Z cure (as was most other `mineral' water), by the early 20's, Verde Hot Springs water was bottled and shipped all over the country; the bottles must have been well padded to have survived the ride back out to civilization! As with so many other springs, Verde later became the site of a grand health facility in 1931. The last remnants burned in 1962; plans to rebuild never bore fruit.

The Camp Verde ranger station, 602-567-4121, gives information about river level and road conditions, or so they claim. We called twice about the river level and received an answer indicating the river was high, but the answer was preposterous, at least in lay person's language, because it contained the words, "16 feet" a depth the river probably has never attained at Camp Verde in modern history. Moreover, if it did reach that depth, there wouldn't be much left of parts of Phoenix and MANY other points down stream. That was the first problem we had with the answer, but at least we understood the river was too deep to ford, again making the point--don't plan a hot springs vacation unless you have alternate plans = MUCH of the time, many springs can't be reached if there's been flooding.

The second problem we had with the answers we received from the ranger station was that we were told the road was unstable and slippery with clay and lots of standing water, and that it would be several weeks before it stabilized; traveling the entire length of it twice within 48 hours of the last call, the road was more like what we'd call BONE DRY!, than wet and unstable. On the other hand, perhaps there's some kind of syndrome going on here; for instance, in Vermont, we have "You can't get there from here." jokes.

There's more: Verde is another example of how we paid the government to use our $ to intentionally make it more difficult (sometimes impossible) to reach a spring = they force visitors to use a river crossing. We also paid them to intentionally create user conflict between nudes and clothes mindeds = by closing the Western access, people have to come in via Childs, thus creating animosity from village residents.

Elevation 2,900 ft. 22 miles of nude camping, nude hiking, nude you name it. A naked naturalists paradise. Oh, did we love it!. Free nude camping at the end of the road, sometimes. Steel signs with welding torch cut letters prohibit nudity. Great white water rafting opportunities. For more fantastic nude camping, hiking, etc, see nearby Fossil Creek. NOTE: these roads were designed for nothing wider than a stagecoach and don't accommodate large vehicles very well; be sure to check them out before going in with an RV.

---> At Camp Verde, Arizona, take SR 260 East 4.7 mi. Go right on gravel FR 708 for 15 mi. Bear right on FR 502; go 7 mi. to the end. Walk upstream 1.5 mi. and ford the river to the spring.

Five Moons and then some.


In Hot Water,
Camilla Van Sickle & Bill Pennington

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