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Warm Mineral Springs, Florida


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San Servando Ave., Warm Mineral Springs, FL, 34287 813-426-1692.
Health Studio, 426-4664.


3 Moons, but only because there's no area for social nudity; otherwise, it would be 5 Full Moons.


Ordinarily, we won't list places that don't allow social nudity somewhere out on the grounds, such as around the pool, but Mother Nature, that most beautiful and creative of all women, leads us to list places where nudity is OK in private rooms. Warm Mineral Springs is one incredible work of Dame Nature we just can't resist listing. 9 MILLION GALLONS of 87 degree water flow out of the 230 feet wide by 230 feet deep spring EVERY day. Can one imagine that? That's INCREDIBLE! That's 72 MILLION pounds of water every day! We don't make that much $$ a week. The water flows into a 2 acre private lake that's essentially one HUGE warm tub! Unfortunately suits are required, so we did not go in the lake, since we don't wear bathing suits for ANY purpose, but the water is also piped into the Health Studio to private soaking tubs and whirlpools where nudity is the rule. Rooms can be had by the hour or day.

WARM MINERAL SPRINGS is also an archeological site of great significance, the only place in the Western Hemisphere where coexistence of the giant sloth, the saber tooth tiger, and homo sapiens have been firmly established. WARM MINERAL SPRINGS is also on the National Register of Historic Places because it's a burial site for prehistoric Native Americans.

Of course none of the water is treated with chemicals, because the sheer volume of flow continually changes it. Besides, how could such a flow of water be treated anyway? A train of tank cars would be needed! Massage, sauna, exercise instruction, and full rental apartments available. Call for brochure, reservations, or directions.

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Camilla Van Sickle & Bill Pennington
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El Dorado Hot Springs.

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