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Watson Wash Hot Well, Aridzone, Arizona, Report.



From Rt 70 in Thatcher, Arizona, go North on Reay Lane to the end. Turn left on Safford-Bryce Rd. After Watson Lane on the left, turn right up Watson Wash, marked by a dip in the road and derelict cars on their sides, used to channel the water. The tub is 0.2 mi. up on the left.


4 Moons sometimes. Two lemons and a pit most weekends.


We just spent two days at and near Watson Wash Hot Well, Thatcher, Arizona.

It's alive and well and the wonderful waters are still flowing. Some devoted locals keep the place picked up. They report loud, litterbug partiers are still a problem sometimes, making it a Hotel California Soak -- heaven one minute, then hell the next. And then maybe back again.

One couple who helped build the superb soaking tub reported that BLM backed off on plugging the well because of threats from citizens that they'd sue if the well was capped, thereby ruining, killing, and totally altering forever the small ecosystem the well created and has supported for decades.

However, a new threat looms -- Phelps Dodge is planning to have a giant strip mine close by, with a huge and very deep pit, an excavation which is highly likely to cut off the water source.

The water does taste mildly saline; compared to sea water, it's about a 2 on a scale of 10 with sea water being a 10. The BLM claim that such a tiny flow, which disappears into the ground less than 0.15 miles from the source, is overly salinating the Gila River, more than one mile distant, is not based in fact.

In Hot Water,
Camilla & Bill

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