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Wildwood Naturist's Resort, Texas, Report.

March 2004

I had to spend a few weeks in Dallas last year on business.

The first was in February and I found it to be quite pleasant compared to the weather back home in Philadelphia that week. I walked to work in shirt sleeve weather whilst my son was back home shoveling snow. On my return in June I had to lay over the weekend and decided to look for a nudist club to visit. I was actually unaware of the number of possibilities in the Dallas area that are available. Several are within an easy drive of Dallas and my problem was to find one that would take an unaccompanied married man for a day visit.

Wildwood attracted my attention right away because of the name. Wildwood is the name of the beach front town that we frequently visit in New Jersey during the summer. I liked their web site and called them up. I told the lady who answered my story and she said I was welcome to come by and visit. So I made plans for heading on out there on Saturday morning. It was about 10:30 a.m. Saturday when I finally was on my way out of downtown Dallas.

Wildwood is near Dacatur which is Northwest of Dallas. It's about 70 miles I think and it was a nice drive through the Texas countryside. The weather was beautiful and my only concern was getting too much sun on a day like that. Since I was a stranger to Dallas I had my GPS on and the coordinates for Wildwood are: 40 01.18N, 075 05.01W. I called ahead on my cell phone to tell them I would be there about noon and I was pretty close to being on time. I followed the directions on their web site. I found the side road and followed it down to a gate. After calling the office on the intercom the gate rolled open and I continued my drive down to the office.

I was impressed with the size of the club right off. Most of the clubs I have been to have been small. This place was bigger than the neighborhood I grew up in. I passed some small buildings and campers along the way and finally pulled up in front of the clubhouse. Several cars were parked in front and I noticed the children's play area off to the side. I got out and went into the clubhouse and found the office. It was nice to find the lady in charge in the office nude. It should not be a surprise in a naturist resort but that is not always the case in my experience. I explained who I was and found that she is the one who I had talked to initially. She took my AANR card and drivers license and made copies and then gave me a form to fill out for a day visit. I paid the day fee rate which was reasonable and then she gave me a quick tour of the clubhouse area. So after that I was free to enjoy the facilities. I want back to my car and with great relief got undressed.

Texas is hot in June and the sun felt so good. I gathered all that I had brought with me in my traveling bag: book, newspaper, radio, towel, sunscreen and water and went out to the pool area. I had seen that some construction was being done but now as I got out there the full scope of the job was apparent. The covering over the patio on the back of the clubhouse was being erected. A handful of men (club members) were sawing, welding and doing whatever else is necessary to put the cover on one of those structures. It takes a real man to weld nude and fortunately nobody was that foolish. Sparks and bare skin do not do well together. That cover is a great asset because as one of those pale skins, I know you have to have some shade.

Whilst watching the work, I took a shower to cool off and then found a nice shady spot near the spa. I met a gentleman about my age who was sitting over there taking a break and we chatted for some time. The hub of activity was the pool area. Lots of folks there taking both sun and shade as the need arose. The work progressed on the patio covering and at some point a pool tournament got underway. During the afternoon folks came and went. Campers came down from their campsites for a dip and children frolicked. Drinks were offered which was very hospitable.

Eventually it got to be time for me to start thinking about leaving but I wanted to walk the 5K course that is used for Annual Skinnydipper Sun Run 5K. So I took a walk around the course and found another reason to like Wildwood. It was long enough to get me tired out and easy enough for an old guy like me to handle. After that stroll I needed a dip in the pool again and then finally took my leave. I hope to get down that way again this time with our RV so we can spend a few days in the area. I'm from Pennsylvania but of all the places I have traveled I do have some of my best memories of Texas in the Summer time.

If you get the chance, visit Wildwood one of these days. Take your time and meet the folks you will find them a friendly bunch.

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