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NOTE: these are OLD reports and are probably out of date.

o Mazo Beach Report. August 11, 2001. Went to Mazo beach yesterday, had a good time. Met father and daughter from Mpls. having a father/daughter day. Mazo web site with pictures should be updated because there is no more camping allowed and no driving down to the beach anymore. You must take your own trash out. There are no dumpsters or trash cans there whatsoever, and the beach does not look like what is shown on the web page. Still had a great time and we will continue to have a great time till we move to FL. We have many great pictures, and have met a lot of great friends. We met some wonderful people on Friday August 10th from MN. It was a father/daughter enjoying a weekend together. They came for the whole weekend and when they went back on Sat. the 11th, they were stopped in the parking lot by the religious group in the parking lot, stopping people from going to the beach. We think that is terrible. For being a religious group they should learn to read their bibles and not judge people because there is only one that is the judge and only one that has the right to judge. Thanks Deeders and Barb for the report.
o Sun Ray Hills Report. Summer of 2005. The former managers of Sun Ray Hills, Ron and Hazel, are long gone. While the place is still owned by Mike it is now managed by Nick (Mike's son) and Lisa. They are 2 of the most wonderful and accommodating people you could ever meet. Their effect on the campground has been huge. Membership is way up, visitors row fills up for all 3 major summer weekends (reservations are strongly encouraged), the pool is now heated, etc. etc. We have been members for 5 years. Out first year was Ron and Hazel's last year. We are up at camp at least 15 to 20 weekends every summer... And we do have a web site (see above writeup), with a message board and calendar of events. Stop by and visit us. This report is brought to you by Bob and Mary. You can find them at Sun Ray Hills.

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