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Introducing Friends To Nudism

July 2002

As nudists the single best thing we can do for our lifestyle is to share our experiences with others.

Trips to nudist resorts are much more enjoyable if we can get friends to go with us. I have been a nudist for ten years and I don't hesitate to share my experiences with others. Some people can't stand the thoughts of having other people know they are involved in nudism, but telling others about our lifestyle is the only way we can get more people involved. I have never had one bad experience. Many nudists worry about what other people will think. It is possible that some people will have negative thoughts about you being a nudist. I don't live my life trying to please everybody. Of course that is up to you.

Many people have told me it was cool when they learned that I am a nudist. I have had people burst out laughing and I have been teased a lot. You have to be prepared for that because it will probably happen to most anybody. For me it has always been good natured. I just accept that as part of being a nudist. If we all let the fear of a little teasing stand in the way of telling others about our lifestyle we will not have any chance to grow. A lot of people have told me there is no way they would take their clothes off.

Probably the best time to bring up the subject of nudism is when your friends are talking about what they are planning to do for the weekend or for summer. You can invite them to a clothing optional resort. You can tell them that they will not be required to undress unless they get in the hot tubs or swimming pool. You need to be prepared to answer questions. It is best to have some nudist literature for them to read, maybe some information from the club you normally visit. Encourage your friends to give nudism a try, but don't pressure them. Tell them about all the wonderful expreiences that you have had as a nudist. Tell them how comfortable and relaxing it is to be nude. Tell them that they only live one time. Tell them that they will meet a lot of nice people. You need to make it clear that nudism has nothing to with sex or looking at nude bodies. You need to tell them that they will be protected against gawkers and troublemakers. It is important that women know this. Tell them that if anybody says or does anything to make them feel uncomfortable to report the person to the management and they will deal with it.

Being a nudist is nothing to be embarrassed about, so why not tell your friends. It does take a little nerve but it is not bad at all. Of course it is all up to you. If you have any questions, email me at the link above.

Terry Trant

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