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This report is brought to you by
Delta. Please email the preceding address if you have any questions or comments.

First time at MAHESO, Maryland, USA.
August 2003

I want to share an experience that I had last week. I made my first visit to a resort.

I was in Washington D.C. for a series of meetings and needed a place to stay. With my wife's (supportive non-participant) consent and blessing, I stayed at the Maryland Health Society (MAHESO) resort. I stayed there Wednesday evening in a little rustic cabin and left early Thursday morning. It was my first formal experience in social nudity. It was amazing.

When I arrived, it was approximately 5:00 p.m. and in accordance with the request that I had made. I was met by a young man in his mid-twenties who was totally nude. I just kept thinking to myself, look at him in the eyes. I successfully did so and managed to keep my semblance of normalcy in an alien environment. He led me to the office where I was checked in by a woman, in her late twenties to early thirties. I was told that there were few people there because it was mid-week and that there were only three other guests than myself. The others there were mostly retired full-time residents. As I surveyed the complex, I was struck by the beauty of it and by its rustic nature. Aside from a swimming pool and clubhouse, one might believe that you were in the 1940-50s. I was also struck by how calm that I was. Very little anxiety.

I was showed to my cabin and had to immediately leave the resort to find a place to purchase food and some towels. They had neither on the premise. Upon returning, I unpacked my car and prepared myself for the upcoming adventure. When I readied by surroundings, I disrobed and found my way to the pool. There were a couple of other men there and we exchanged pleasantries. We talked for a while and I was again struck by how natural it all felt and how non-anxious that I was. I was at peace inside and out. The three of us chatted for a while and they later excused themselves. I was left alone to contemplate my surroundings.

It was when I was left alone that the reality of my situation came to me the greatest. I had the greatest desire for my wife to share this experience with me. I can't explain just how alone it felt. While still at peace, I longed for her to be there with me. It was like seeing the most gorgeous sunrise and having no one to share it with. While still a beautiful experience, it lost some of its luster. I found my way to the pool and took a long swim. The water while cool, felt wonderful on my body. The rush of the water brought back to mind images of skinny dipping with my brothers and friends during my childhood and adolescence. I was truly in my element. The air temperature was in the mid-70's and so toweled off rather than air dry. I then lay out under a cloudy sky and soaked in the environment.

People came and went during the early evening and I tried not to lose any of the moment. I later put on shoes and went for a short hike on one of their trails. The land was virtually flat but trees were everywhere. The ability to commune with God, naked and without pretense was amazing. I felt so alive. I did this regularly during the 18 or so hours that I spent there. As evening drew on, the air cooled and I needed to put on a shirt because my shoulders were cold and it had started to sprinkle. I was still unclothed from the waist down but felt no inhibitions about it. I was invited to an older gentleman's cabin for conversation and I did so readily. We had chatted earlier in the evening and quickly became engaged again. He lives in Las Vegas during the winter and we spoke of our joint love of Southern Utah and the national parks there.

After a while, I heard people at the pool again. The lights had been turned on as it was after dark. I found my way to the pool and to my surprise, there was a family of five there. Actually, it turned out to be three girls and their grandparents. I had talked with Mike, the grandfather earlier and it was through him that I arranged the visit. I joined them in the pool and Mike and I chatted for some time. I watched the family interact and again I missed my own family. I wanted them to be there sharing this amazing experience with me. The water was cooler than earlier in the evening and so I cooled quickly. I was invited by the family to join them in one of the member's hot tub. Mike and I chatted for another 45 minutes. We were joined later by another gentleman after the girls left. The three of us talked a bit longer and I had sufficiently pruned. I was utterly exhausted.

I went to bed that evening and slept deeply, utterly relaxed. I awoke earlier than I had expected. I got up and went for a morning walk, not wanting to waste my time there. Afterwards, I grabbed my toiletries and headed for the clubhouse and the shower. I showered and dried but waited to clothe until I absolutely had to. I packed my car and finally managed to get myself dressed. The thought of sitting through an entire day with tie and coat was not appealing, especially after that experience. The whole day, I thought of going back but had to catch a flight home.

When I left MAHESO, my thoughts kept returning to the short time that I spent there. I was constantly reminded throughout the day of how wonderful it felt. I was reminded every time my tie felt confining, my feet hurt from my shoes, and when I was roasting in the summer heat. I had a hard time keeping my mind on the tasks at hand. The members and everyone that I met at MAHESO did their best to make me feel at home and for that, I will be eternally grateful.

I personally would highly recommend it. It may not have all of the bells and whistles that other resorts do, but I had a wonderful first-time experience there. Delta

This report is brought to you by John. If you wish to contact the author, he is on the message board under the name 'gnpdln'.

First Time at Cherokee Resort, Tennessee
September 2003

Note from Jan: John, the author of this report, is 'gnpdln' on the NetNude message board.

I am a new nudist and was fortunate enough to meet Chuck through NetNude. Chuck has been a superb guide for getting me started with nudism in a very healthy, natural way. A few weeks ago, I scheduled a Friday and Saturday excursion to Cherokee resort with my wife, who is NOT so sure this is something she could get involved in. Chuck and his wife were kind enough to join us and try to help Kathy feel more comfortable, for which I am very grateful. I don't know if we would have been able to break the ice, so to speak, without them.

After checking in, we received a very nice tour of the facility, We really enjoyed the natural rustic setting Cherokee has established. After the tour, we drove back to Crossville because Cherokee did not have any meals available at this time. Once we returned to Cherokee we met Chuck, and his wife MJ, stripped down and headed for the pool. Kathy came along, clothed, but once we got in the pool she stripped down and joined us. I was quite surprised at her ability to join right in, and as several others joined us, we had a fun, rollicking game of pool volleyball. This was the best part of the weekend for me.

Later we took a short hike toward what we thought was the site of a new lake under construction, and found that neither the lake nor any real trails existed. We like to hike, and I was hoping this would be another selling point for Kathy's enjoyment, but it turned out to be just a walk in a field. I do, however, see some real potential there for some very nice walks in the woods.

Next we found the hot tub, which felt really good after our walk and frolicking in the cold pool. After relaxing in the hot tub and getting to know each other with some good conversation, we decided to check on dinner, which turned out to be a hamburger, a hot dog, or turkey leg for $5.00, with nothing to go with it but stale potato chips. So, once again we headed into Crossville for dinner. This gave us more time to get to know each other however, and was an enjoyable time, giving Kathy the chance to go slow with the nudity issue.

Once we returned, we decided to get back in the hot tub, and we actually spent the remainder of the evening meeting other people as they cycled in and out of the tub. This would have been a very enjoyable time had it not been for the abundance of smokers, in and around the tub. Kathy and MJ actually had to leave because they could hardly breathe, as did I, a little later. It seems strange that people would feel comfortable sitting right next to non-smokers in a rather intimate environment such as a hot tub, and blow smoke in their face without any consideration for how that feels. It was difficult to go anywhere without the specter of uninhibited smoke in the face, which seems strangely odd to me, considering the naturist ideology.

We slept well that night, though we noted with some disappointment that the cabin only had one working light bulb out of three, and we couldn't seem to get a spider web infested window open. This seemed a little incongruent with the cost.

Next morning we checked out breakfast, and found it to be the first enticing meal since our arrival, but for $8.00 apiece, and with a cigarette hanging out of the cook's mouth, we decided to eat the cereal, fruit, and yogurt that we brought with us. However, they were nice enough to allow us to eat our food in the dinning area with our friends. As the dining area filled up with smokers, we adjourned to the outside deck, and watched the thunder storms roll through, spending more time in relaxed conversation, getting to know each other better.

We ended our weekend in the hot tub once again with a whole tub full of newcomers...which proved to be very entertaining. I love the variety of people, and walks of life who seem to permeate the nude lifestyle. I am generally impressed with the respect and tolerance shared by all, with the obvious exception of the smoking issue. All in all we had a very pleasant first experience, but I will have to say on behalf of Kathy, that we will probably not return to Cherokee unless improvements are made in cleanliness and maintenance of the facility, healthier food options are made available, and more importantly to us, some kind of relief from smokers. If the only way we can enjoy a natural clean environment at a nudist facility, is to avoid places where people congregate, we may as well stay home and save our money.

It is disappointing that a naturist facility, which should be, "promoting naturism as a healthy way of life, and acceptance of a culture of the natural dignity of the human body," cleanliness and consideration for air quality seems to have such low priorities. We look forward to trying some other resorts, and possibly a nude beach here and there.

Gone Paddlin'

This report is brought to you by Melissa. If you wish to contact the author, she is on the message board under the name 'MelissaStarr'.

My first nude swim social.
November 2003

Well, last night was my first nude swim social. Since so many of you helped me to get to that point, it only seems fair that I share the details.

The drive up was kind of tough - the entire state of NJ is under construction, or so it seemed. There were so many times that I almost turned around came home because I was really scared. So I promised myself that if I went to the event and was nude I could have cheesesteaks for dinner every night this week if I so desired. Cheesesteaks speak to me. LOL

I finally arrived at the swim and nerves set in. But I triumphed and walked in the door. The people at the desk were really nice. I told them it was my first time and they were really warm and helpful. They pointed me towards the locker rooms and off I went. A kind young man was behind me as I walked in and we got to talking. Seeing the menís room door I told him that his locker room was there. A man passing by noted "This is a nudist event- the locker rooms are co-ed." So the guy went into the womenís locker room with me. There were lots of other men there but I didnít see any women. Go figure.

The moment of truth had arrived: time to take off my clothes. The guy near me, named Devon, started disrobing like it was the most natural thing in the world. So, with heart beating loudly enough that you probably all heard it, I did likewise. It was soooo weird to be taking off my clothes in front of a guy! I mean, this guy that I had never met was seeing my underwear! But, I did it!

Well, I was nude. And nervous. But I had to keep going. Devon and I went to the pool together and I hopped in. Now THAT was an experience. I was overwhelmed with some kind of body feeling but I wasnít sure what in the world it was or even if it was good or bad. I just knew it was incredibly POWERFUL. After talking to Cheri today, I can tell you that it was called sensuality and that it was a very good thing!

From the pool we hit the hot tub, had some pizza, and talked to some people. I met a few men who were really WEIRD, but I also met 2 young couples who were incredibly nice. During the evening I also got to play some volleyball, which is VERY fun for me though Iím not too good at it.

You all gave me a lot of advice about what to expect, but there was soooo much that I didnít expect. First off, I never did forget- even for a minute- that I was nude. Maybe this is just because of my life experiences. Also, I was surprised to see soooo few women there. I mean, I know that there are more male nudists than female, but I was still surprised about the ratio (seemed to be around 10:1 male to female.) This kind of made me uncomfortable. In my íresearchí before going I did look at nude pictures of women, just to know what women were supposed to look like and to see if I looked íright.í But I never thought to look for male pictures, so I didnít really know what men look like without clothes. That, in and of itself, was an experience. Even had I known what men look like, I think the ratio would have scared me a bit just because of who I am and my experiences with men in the past. Not that Iím saying that there should be mandatory gender-balancing at nudist functions, Iím just saying how I felt, ok?

The one big positive of the event was a body-image thing. While there and even now I really feel confident in my body- my body is normal and ok. It helped that Iíve lost 17 pounds since August 1, but seeing other nude women helped me to see that my body is actually decent and normal. This was a HUGE breakthrough for me. And I donít know that there is any other way that I could have come to this realization.

I had a rough ride home- very tearful and I couldnít understand why. I still donít know whatís wrong. Itís been a hard day for me... there are a lot of feelings going on related to the swim and I canít identify or describe them. Iím hopeful that Iíll be ok again soon.

So... will I go back? I dunno. I never did get to the point of feeling comfortable, but the sensations of the pool while nude are pretty powerful and invite me back. Maybe there is a club or something that has fewer people so that I can actually get to know people. I didnít really get to socialize with a lot of people- many people werenít interested in talking and I was so nervous that my social skills were lacking. But maybe in an atmosphere with fewer people things would be different.

Well, thanks for reading this really LONG post. I just wanted to let you all know how it went.


This report is brought to you by
Liberty. Please email the preceding address if you have any questions or comments.

My First Time at Social Nudity.
October 2003

I got interested in nudity after I researched the nudity websites like NetNude,, and I was pleased to learn that it was not dirty or sexual.

I became a home nudist last July and loved it. Since I live with my foster cat, why wear clothes when no one is around? I started sleeping in the nude and found it very comfortable. I had always wanted to try social nudity since last July. After I joined Nude Friends Network, I got many replies! I was invited by a new friend to a social swim event (Southern CA non-landed club) on October 12. I accepted his invitation, but I was very nervous about it. I was told that once people shed their clothes, they became comfortable quickly. I was still fearful, but it didn't stop me from going ahead with the invitation.

The big day came! I packed my two big towels and sunscreen. I was waiting nervously for the friend to come to pick me up. We arrived at the house where the social swim was held. I changed my clothes to a birthday suit in the bathroom and put sunscreen all over my body. I wrapped a big towel around my body and walked to the backyard.

I saw many naked people sunbathing, swimming, and just sitting. As I grew up, I was always shameful of my body due to weight problems. I saw several overweight women who didn't show any self-conciousness about being heavy. People of all shapes & ages enjoyed themselves there without worry. Then I took my towel off and covered my chair with it. I could feel that my anxiety and nervousness did a vanishing act! I just sat enjoying the warm sun and cool wind. I did some sunbathing for a few minutes.

I decided it was time for me to swim - as I put my foot in the swimming pool, it was cold! BRRRR! I braved the cold water as I waded into the pool. After my body got used to the cold temperature, I felt so goooood and comfortable! I loved feeling the soothing action of water on my body without my stupid swimsuit that didn't fit me anymore! It was time for my friend and me to go. I got dressed in the open without being embarrassed! I felt so relaxed and worry-free during that time.

My first time experience was really a pleasant one! My friend and I went to another social swim & Halloween party on October 26. It was wonderful, too! I want to thank NetNude and other nude sites for your support and encouragement! Regards, Liberty :o)

This report is brought to you by Ron.

My First Time Nude Swim.
November 16, 2003

Well I did it last nite all right !

I went to a little inn in New Hampshire and got naked with a bunch of complete strangers !!!! Not exactly my first time as I have been walking naked in the woods one time with a friend but I'll tell you anyways. In a way not even strangers either, I don't think real nudists can be complete strangers to one another even if they've never met.

It was just the nicest thing I've done in a long time.

The inn wasn't real fancy but clean and nice, I kind of liked it nice and cozy. This was with the Naturist New Hampshire group, a non landed club, and what a nice group they are. Being a little shy I disrobed in the bathroom but I won't need to do that again because I felt right at home inside of five minutes. Not a lot of people showed up a little less than usual I was told but just enuff for good conversation I thought.

I started out in the pool very nice nothing fancy but the water was just right not too hot,and boy there's nothing like swimming naked in a heated pool when it's cold out side! It felt so nice ! Now I know what Melissa meant when she talked about what a powerfully sensual feeling it was. You were right on the money Melissa ! I stayed in there for awhile alone mostly there weren't all that many people there yet or so I thought when I decided to check out the hot tub which turned out to be full. If you want a spot in the hot tub get there a little early they fill up fast !! I just said hello to everybody and went back in the pool.

After awhile people started filtering in to the pool so being a big fan of good conversation I just started talking to people and found out how true it is about how friendly nudists are. I enjoyed talking to people so much in the pool that I never did make it to the hot tub! After awhile I did go into the sauna for a few minutes mostly cuz it was kinda coolish in the lounge and game room but that was fixed when the heat got turned back up. We all ended up in the pool smacking beachballs around and having fun. It was funny being a normal red blooded guy here I was in a small pool with naked women and I never had a sexual thought in my head. It all felt so innocent and peaceful any thoughts of sex would have spoiled it anyways I think. I never once saw an erection or heard anything that was inappropriate. No weird people except for me of course lol).

If you're looking for a good place to go for your first time or to introduce your spouse to nudism this is the place to go but be sure you leave anything sexual behind because this is not the place for it ! Just good clean innocent nudist fun. Most people there were either my age (42) or a little older but if younger people would attend it would be well worth their while.

At the end of the meeting they have a clothed dinner upstairs afterwards but I had to be home at a certain time so I didn't attend. I was told they have a very nice meal of roast pork and turkey. Just before everyone got dressed (hated to get dressed ugh !!!) One of the members who's been a writer for over fifty years recited some of his poetry and it was a nice end to a perfect evening. The cost was only $15.00 for non members and $30.00 if you wanted dinner. Worth every penny I think.

I just had a wonderful time and plan on attending the swim in Jan.

This report is brought to you by
Brian. If you wish to contact the author, click the preceding link.

First time.
July, 2004

I'm a 41 year old divorced male and I decided to write this out before I forgot all of the details. They say that your memory is the first to go. I'm not entirely convinced of that Anyway, here it goes. I suppose that I should start by giving a little background. My brother and I were raised pretty much by just our mother and a couple of stepfathers that passed through our lives at different times. It was basically (as far as my mother was concerned) a traditionally religious upbringing with what I know and realize now as a moderately open, if not quiet, respect for nudity. As I think back now I can recall several times walking in on my mother taking a bath or shower and remembering that she didn't freak out. She would just ask what I needed. I started sleeping nude at a very young age and I actually thought I was getting away with something taboo until my mother brought it up one morning. Much to her credit we discussed sleeping nude in a very easy, mature way. I'm glad she didn't prohibit it but she did set up a few ground rules. Now that I'm older and wiser I realize that there wasn't much my mother didn't know about me or my brother. Go

I was first introduced to skinny-dipping at about 11 or 12 years old when some friends and I went down to the river close to our subdivision one hot summer day to go swimming. As we were rope swinging out and jumping into the river a couple of female friends of ours showed up to swim with us. Of course they didn't realize that we were nude and we hadn't heard them walk up. They stood there a few minutes and we all got real quiet when we saw them. A big smile crossed both girls faces and they also stripped. We guys were in shock, for about 10 seconds, and when the girls jumped in we continued having a great time. After awhile it seemed only natural for all of us to be together naked. That tradition was continued for the next several years, unbeknown to our parents. Most of them would probably have not understood.

As I grew older I became more aware of my body as well as others around me. Due to the fact that nudity wasn't exactly practiced (openly enough) in my house, I was placed in the mind frame that nudity wasn't necessarily a bad thing, just not practiced as a rule. Here is where I see the puritan values of an uneducated society kicking in. When I moved away from home after high school graduation, I got an apartment and nudity was the rule. I had a male cousin visit every once in a while and we would sit around naked on weekends and watch TV. He dated a girl that he brought over several times and I believe that was my first exposure to social nudity even if it was in my apartment. Again, it felt only natural. I joined the military at 22 years old and my naturistic character started to diminish somewhat though taking 5 minute group showers in boot camp didn't phase me in the least. It is probably in the last 5 or 6 years that I have rediscovered my lost freedom of nudity.

As I've traveled throughout the US for one purpose or another I would find one way or another to express my nudism. Unless I was expecting company, motel rooms rarely saw me with clothes on. I dated one woman that was a swim coach for a YMCA in Alabama that had a key to the indoor Olympic size pool and we would go late at night and skinny-dip. It was a freedom that I thought I had lost forever. I would also go camping in a textile camp grounds and late at night I would strip and sit outside my tent just for a short time to enjoy the feel. OK, I should also say that I would ALWAYS find one of the most secluded spots available (as well as one of the darkest) and would normally keep a pair of shorts within arms reach. I wanted to express my nudism but I wasn't being stupid about it. I also had a lot of conflict between my religious beliefs and my nudism. I wasn't sure whether or not I was violating God's will. The church would have said yes but now I'm convinced otherwise and I'm 10 times the Christian now than I was then.

Then one day just recently I discovered a few things that would forever change my life. One was naturist websites showing me where family oriented naturist resorts were relatively close to where I live (very important due to my wanting my daughter and two grand-babies involved) and another discovery was websites that discuss religious beliefs verses nudism. I am now (and most always considered myself) a Christian nudist and God had answered my prayers. I prayed about it for awhile and then decided that if God had not wanted me naked, he would NOT have delivered the websites to me. By the way, I actually stumbled onto them by accident while researching another issue. I looked through several sites and the one I choose was Serendipity Park in the North Georgia Mountains and it was (only) three hours away (relatively close, I thought).

As I was traveling the three hours I had a lot of time to think, and a lot of time to turn around. I decided that this was going to be like jumping into cold water. I could tip toe and take forever to get naked or I would just have to strip all at once and "just do it" I was shaking as I drove up to the speaker box outside of the gate but I used my calmest voice and pushed the button. Paul came over the speaker and let me in after the introduction. Since I am a single male I had called ahead and he was expecting me. I deliberately wore only a pair of shorts and nothing else. I figured it would make striping that much easier which it did. I drove around the dirt road to the office which circled around the pool. I had never been to a place like this and I nearly drove off the road looking around to familiarize myself with my surroundings as quickly as possible.

I was greeted at the office by Paul as well as several others that I found out later were permanent residence. All were completely naked at this point. OK, I thought, so far everyone seems friendly enough. I got the check-in preliminaries out of the way as well as the abbreviated guided tour and headed back to my SUV to unload and set up my camping site. I took a deep breath and stripped out of my shorts. There I stood in all of my naked glory in a place full of naked people and God himself and I suddenly felt a rush of freedom like I had never felt in my entire life. It was incredible. I even felt like God was smiling down on me nodding his head in approval.

Well, to finish up my story, I set up my camp and started meeting other people almost immediately. The thing that occurred to me that was most curious was the fact that I had no problem at all talking to other nudes and even found it easier talking to them without clothes as opposed to with clothes (mine or theirs). All pre-conceived notions that clothes cause were stripped away and I was then able to get to know the real person. All the things that I had read about acceptance among the nudist community were true. My own body acceptance and self-worth were elevated to a higher level and I also realized that I was just how God intended me to be. Nothing covered and nothing to hide.

If you are thinking about the naturist lifestyle but just not sure, believe me, God wants us to be happy and live by faith and it takes a real leap of faith to take this step. Just be self-confident, self-assured, and come to realize that nobody is perfect on the outside. It's what is on the inside the truly counts.


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